Jimmy Kimmel’s DACA Recipient Wants Amnesty So She Can Have Church Wedding

Jimmy Kimmel’s DACA Recipient Wants Amnesty
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An illegal alien featured by ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a sympathetic story to push for amnesty is delaying marrying her American-born fiancé because she wants “an elaborate Catholic Church ceremony,” said Celeste Greig, a Hispanic legal immigrant and self-described “die-hard conservative Republican” and “constitutionalist.”

Greig made her revelation on Monday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight with co-hosts Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak.

Last week, Greig participated in a political discussion panel hosted by Kimmel titled, “MAGA vs. DACA.” The segment’s format pitted opponents of the Obama administration’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy against an illegal immigrant claiming to have entered America as a two-year-old, along with her infant daughter and her American fiancé.

Kimmel used a “Dreamer” with an infant, American-born child as an emotional and political device to push for a DACA-style amnesty.

“[Jimmy Kimmel] pulled a fast one on us,” said Greig:

Once we were inside, and he brought the young woman with her child who is a “Dreamer” or member of DACA, she claims that she has been here since two or three years old, so it was no fault of her own, her parents were the ones who violated the law. Her parents should have been expelled a long time ago. So now she finds herself here with a child, with a fiancé. So my advice to them was that they are in the best situation possible; she speaks fluent English with no accent, she got a free education here, she works. I asked her if she pays taxes, if she has a Social Security number, and she informed me that under the DACA program, they get to have a Social Security number and a work permit until they are able to legalize. So I asked her why she didn’t marry her fiancé … who happens to be American-born [and] has served in the Armed Forces.

Greig advised the illegal alien to marry her fiancé — an American citizen — as an avenue towards legalization of her status in America. She said the illegal alien rejected this advice on the grounds of some desire for an elaborate Catholic wedding.

“You have the best opportunity, now,” said Greig to the illegal alien. “Marry your fiancé, who’s a United States citizen, and the paperwork will speed up. So she said, ‘No,’ because she wanted an elaborate Catholic Church ceremony.”

“So America has to legalize 1.8 million people so she can have a white wedding?” asked Pollak.

“Look, you can go right now to City Hall and apply for a license and they will marry you, and it will not be costly and then later, when you have the means, you can have your big Catholic ceremony,” said Greig of the advice she gave the illegal immigrant during the Kimmel-hosted panel. “And she says, ‘Well, it’s not possible.’ So I don’t know why it was not possible. It’s very easy, and it can expedite her paperwork so she can become a legal resident.”

ABC has not released raw unedited video of the entire discussion.

“Jimmy Kimmel is a jerk,” said Greig. “Absolutely, a first-class jerk. But I did not have a bad experience with him. He treated me with dignity. On a couple of issues, he actually agreed with me, even though [ABC] would cut it and they didn’t air it.”

Illegal aliens “come here and then have the audacity to ask for special treatment and special rights,” said Grieg.

Amnesty for illegal immigrants undermines the sacrifices borne by legal immigrants in pursuit of their moves to America, said Greig.

“When I see issues like illegal immigration of people who have blatantly come here, circumvented the rule of law, it really makes me very upset, because there are a lot of people, millions of people, that have worked very hard to get here,” said Greig:

I have friends from the old Soviet Union, and they waited almost fifteen years to get here. They saved their hard-earned money — just pennies that they were earning at that time — and for people to come here and then have the audacity to ask for special treatment and special rights, which they violated the law, so they have no rights to make demands to get benefits at the taxpayers’ expense.

Greig was a spokesperson and political activist in support of Proposition 187, a 1994 statewide referendum in California which sought to restrict illegal aliens’ access to “public social services.” It was passed with 58.93 percent of votes (5,063,537) in its favor to 41.97 percent of votes (3,529,432) against it.

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