Exclusive – Ron Kessler: ‘Melania Is a Huge Influence; She Actually Sits In on Meetings’


Ronald Kessler, author of The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game, discussed Melania Trump during an interview Monday with Sirius XM host Rebecca Mansour on Breitbart News Tonight, describing the first lady as a “huge influence” on her husband’s politics.

Kessler spoke of Mrs. Trump’s role in assisting the president with political matters. He said, “Melania is a huge influence. She actually sits in on meetings. She will summarize what others say and then come up with her own strategy, and I quote Reince Priebus and others on the record who say her judgment is impeccable. She has great political sense. She will also give Trump articles, including negative ones, that she thinks he should read. She will disagree with him openly.”



Kessler shared an anecdote in which Melania Trump rebuked her husband during an intemperate moment involving their butler. He stated, “Back at Mar-a-Lago one day, Martha Stewart showed up, and Tony Senecal, the Mar-a-Lago butler, opened the door, and Martha Stewart said, ‘Can I take a tour of Mar-a-Lago?’ and Tony said, ‘Sure. We’ll set it up for three o’clock the next day.’ He told Donald. Donald said, ‘Great.’ Then later in the day, Tony went to check with Donald to see if he needs anything in the private quarters, and Trump just started screaming at him, out of control: ‘You dumbass, you should’ve scheduled it for noon tomorrow when the club members would be here, and they see Martha, and Martha would see them.'”

Kessler continued, “And at that moment, Melania walked in, and she said to Trump, ‘I don’t think you should be talking to Tony in that tone.’ Nothing more was said, but the next morning in the living room, Trump handed Tony two thousand dollars, in twenty-dollar bills, would you believe? I asked Tony, ‘Wasn’t that strange?’ and he said, ‘Sure. Everything about Trump is strange.'”

Kessler added, “The way he makes decisions is not only to consult advisers, but he’ll also call his approximately dozen friends that he has that are billionaires, generally. I list them in the book. Also, he’ll just randomly ask anybody–chambermaids, Secret Service agents. That’s his connection with the working class. He believes in their common sense.”

Kessler stated, “My home contractor said, ‘I don’t care what he says. I just care about what he does,’ and that is the kind of common sense that Trump appreciates.”

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