Exclusive — Roger Stone on Jeff Sessions: ‘Comatose Keebler Elf Must Be Removed and Sent Back to Alabama’

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One-time Trump campaign adviser and renowned Republican opposition research operative Roger Stone spoke bluntly about his views about Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday’s Breitbart News Daily on Sirius XM.

“If we had a real attorney general,” Stone mused, as he discussed the explosive revelation that the FBI hired CIA-linked Cambridge professor Stefan Halper to surveil several members of the Trump campaign with Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

Stone then referred to Sessions as a “comatose Keebler Elf” and “a man who must be removed and sent back Alabama.”

“He’s either compromised or doddering,” Stone told House. “I believe he’s compromised. I believe he discussed with Carter Page removing sanctions on the Russians and that is what is being held over his head.”

“The idea yesterday that the president ordered [Deputy Attorney General] Rosenstein to investigate the activities of Rosenstein is an outrage. Mr. President, wake up. Your Justice Department cannot investigate the actions of your Justice Department,” Stone said, urging the appointment of Andrew McCarthy as special counsel to investigate the Halper revelations.

Rosenstein did not hold a supervisory role over the FBI when Halper was allegedly hired as an informant.

Sessions has thus far put his faith in the investigations of DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, who has already made criminal referrals against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and is due to issue a report imminently that reportedly finds multiple violations of the law in the FBI and DOJ’s handling of the Clinton email investigation.

Rosenstein reportedly agreed Monday to add investigating the Halper allegations to Horowitz’s plate. This did not assuage Stone’s concerns. “To ask the inspector general to add to his burden is an attempt to delay the inspector general report,” he told House.

Despite his apparent lack of faith in Sessions’s chosen mechanism, Stone told House he believed Horowitz’s upcoming report would deliver a major blow to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s own probe, which he referred to as “a witch hunt designed to remove Donald Trump while ignoring the egregious, obvious crimes of the two biggest grifters, two largest criminals to ever grace the white house: Bill and Hillary Clinton.”

“Here’s my prediction,” Stone told House, “When the inspector general’s report comes out, actual members of the Mueller team – working for Mueller today – will be forced to resign and will face prosecution.”

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