My Pillow Inventor and CEO Mike Lindell Calls Timing of Pro-Life Movie ‘Unplanned’ ‘Providential,’ Says It Will Save Lives

‘Unplanned’ is a faith-based film that tells the true story of Abby Johnson, former Pl
'Unplanned' trailer

MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell told Breitbart News that the forthcoming film Unplanned — a biopic of former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson — will “change hearts” and “save so many lives” with its message.

Lindell joined Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily for an interview with host Alex Marlow.



Lindell recalled his decision to provide the film’s producers with $1 million of additional funding.

“This is a true story,” said Lindell. “It’s going to help so many people change their hearts. It’s going to save so many lives. I talked to my dad. We prayed about it, and I said, ‘Let’s do this.’ I called them back and said, ‘I’ll do a cameo. I’ll do a part in it, but I want it to be a really good movie. A quality movie, because it’s got one of the best messages ever.’ I asked, ‘Are you short any money?’ and they said they were short a million dollars, and I said, ‘Well, you’re covered.'”

“I just felt led to do that,” continued Lindell. “To see God’s timing, nine months later, everything that’s happening right now, it’s just amazing. And you know it’s going to make an impact when stations aren’t advertising it. They’re afraid of it. A theater in my home state — just last week — wasn’t going to show it, and hundreds of people called there, and now they’re on-board. It’s like they’re living in fear.”

Lindell added, “You give this an R-rating? Are you kidding me? A 15-year-old can go get an abortion without her parents’ permission, but you can’t go to this movie without your parents? I just think this is a turning point in our history, where some day we’re going to look back and ask, ‘What were we thinking?'”

Unplanned is scheduled for release on March 29.

Lindell described the related timing of recent abortion-related news and events — including Gov. Ralph Northam’s (D-VA) endorsement of proposed legislation to legalize abortion without temporal limits and Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s (D-NY) signing of legislation codifying abortion as a “human right” — with the release of Unplanned as providential.

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