Exclusive— Hans von Spakovsky: Democrats Push ‘Big Lie’ of ‘Voter Suppression’ to ‘Make It Easy to Cheat in Elections’

Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative
OSCE Parliamentary Assembly/Flickr

Narratives of “voter suppression” are a “big lie” used by Democrats and the broader left as pretexts for undermining election integrity, Hans von Spakovsky, manager of the Heritage Foundation’s Election Law Reform Initiative and a senior legal fellow of the Meese Center for Legal and Judicial Studies, observed on Tuesday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with special guest host Jerome Hudson.

Democrats and the broader left regularly frame “racism” as American social pathology informing policies of “voter suppression” to undermine and violate the voting rights of black citizens they characterize as racial victims. Spakovsky remarked that Democrats use this false narrative as a justification for legislation they frame as an advancement of “voting rights.”

“It’s just a big lie,” von Spakovsky declared, “and why are they perpetuating that lie? Well, to push through legislation in Congress that would take over the election process across the country and basically get rid of every safety and security protocol that states have put in place like voter ID — they want to make it easy to cheat in elections.”

He continued, “The Voting Rights Act has been in place since 1965; if and when there’s actual racial discrimination going on in a voting context, there are laws that prevent it.”

Von Spakovsky recalled, “There’s so little racial discrimination going on these days that during the entire eight years of the Obama administration, when they had complete and total control of the Justice Department … despite all their rhetoric, they only filed four lawsuits across the entire country, claiming that some state or locality was discriminating in a voting context. Four lawsuits in eight years across the entire United States, which in itself shows what a lie they’re telling the American people.”

Democrats’ Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act — companion bill in the House and Senate, respectively — are designed to undermine election security and enable electoral fraud, von Spakovsky determined.

He warned, “What these bills do is change the voting rules in a way that they think will give them a political advantage. It has absolutely nothing to do with securing the vote, protecting the vote. They want to do things like, through their mandates for automatic voter registration, they want to make sure that people who are not U.S. citizens, but who are getting drivers’ licenses, are registered to vote and can get away with it.”

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