Gay Conservatives Show Support, Wave Flags At Milo Talk In Orlando

Twitter / Brandon Darby

Dozens of fans of Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos have shown up to offer their support during his press conference currently taking place near the Pulse dance club in Orlando, Florida.

One man could be seen waving a rainbow version of the libertarian Gadsden flag, while a mixture of gay conservatives and male and female fans stood amongst the press, waiting for the event to start.

“My views are so out of sync [with others my age] that I’ve lost a few friends just because they’ve called me racist, homophobic, and islamophobic… Most of my friends are just stuck to the narrative and everything, and they’re just not willing to look at the facts of things” said one female attendee in a Donald Trump “MAGA” hat, speaking to Breitbart’s Lee Stranahan.

“I would think that a lot of right-wing people who are people of faith, Christian, Catholic, whatever you wanna call it, but since Milo doesn’t fit that exact paradigm of what a person of faith is, he’s gay, he’s fabulous, he’s very flamboyant in what he believes in, I think for me being a Christian and also thinking gay people should have rights is out of the box in some regards to my other very conservative friends. I think that Milo lets us know that you can be right-wing, but also have left-wing characteristics and that’s okay”.

Many attendees announced that they will be supporting Republican front-runner Donald Trump in the upcoming Presidential elections, and numerous people could be seen wearing his signature “Make America Great Again” hats.

The talk was supposed to have taken place yesterday at the University of Central Florida, however it was shut down by campus police despite the fact that the University’s Muslim Student Association were allowed to invite extreme Islamist Siraj Wahhaj in 2011. Yiannopoulos’ talk was moved to the Ground Zero of the Orlando shootings instead.

You can watch the event below:


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