Gun Sales Among Lesbians And Gays Surge After Milo’s Call For Self-Defence

Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Gun sales among the LGBT community have surged since Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos’ made a call for the gay comunity to lock and load in response to the Orlando terrorist attacks last Sunday.

“For this time of year I’d say it’s three to four times what we normally have” said the owner of Denver’s oldest gun dealer George Horne to Fox News. “We’re not surprised by it”.

Yiannopoulos spoke at an event near the Orlando shooting site on Wednesday about the dangers of Islam and what homosexuals should do in response to the attack. He urged a crowd of fans, which included gay conservatives who displayed a rainbow version of the libertarian Gadsden flag, to exercise their right to bear arms and “shoot back” at terrorists instead of pushing further gun control laws.

“My hope after today, after the ugly and disgusting thing that happened here is that gay people say too, like the Jews did after the second world war, never again and gay people too, let Islamic fundamentalist preachers and Muslims everywhere who are tempted into thinking they can treat gay people like this, they can treat women like this, they can treat Latinos like this, they can treat black people like this, they can treat anyone like this, that we will shoot back” said Yiannopoulos to a large crowd in Florida.

“And to those liberals who say the answer is gun free zones, those liberals who say oh can’t we just love each other, your entreaties to peace, love and understanding on twitter are not changing the views of people in mosques around this city, are not changing the views of people in mosques anywhere else in this country, they are not changing the views of Isis, they are not changing the views of the immigrants who come into europe, they are changing nothing, they are not helping you, they are not serving you, they are doing nothing for you. They are instead luring you into a false sense of security that you are safe, you are not safe… You have two things on your side that Europe doesn’t… “That first amendment is underpinned by the second it is your right to bear arms, it is your right to protect yourself.”

“If two, three, four people had been armed in that nightclub it would have ended very differently” said Yiannopoulos to an applauding audience.

Since the attack in Orlando, membership to The Pink Pistols, a nation gun club for homosexual Americans, has more than doubled, showing a huge increase of homosexuals in America deciding to protect themselves.

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