Milo & Ann On Trump’s ‘Star of David’ Tweet and How the Media Spun It


This week’s episode of The Milo Yiannopoulos Show features conservative commentator, columnist, and author Ann Coulter in her second appearance on the show.

During the episode, the pair talked about Donald Trump’s “yellow star” tweet and how the media managed to turn it into something completely different, as well as the difference between tweets and retweets.

“I do think it would be better if he did not send out loutish low-brow tweets” declared Coulter.

“We don’t agree on this” interrupted Yiannopoulos.

“But… one must take the bitter with the sweet, the rough with the smooth, and if my choice is consulted creating candidate talking nonsense, or the guy who’s going to build the wall, do you think that’s really an unfiltered view of his brain with those tweets and retweets that we’ve never seen before” replied Coulter.

“Don’t you love that?” asked Yiannopoulos. “You have this direct ready access into Donald Trump’s mind, and sometimes it’s terrifying, other times it’s wonderful”.

“It’s 90% fantastic, I mean the retweet that we argued about last time, it’s such a minor thing, which brings us to a recent retweet, and oh come on give me a break, these are people who don’t understand Twitter” replied Coulter.

“It’s a retweet, and I’m sorry, Twitter shuts down if I have to investigate the genesis of everything I tap a little button to retweet this one thing. By the way, I have a great one for you, after this whole brouhaha over this retweet of the unattractive photo of Heidi Cruz, so I was doing some TV show, sitting in the makeup chair, girl doing my makeup totally covered in tattoos, totally not into politics at all, and I’m chit chatting with her. I may have just come from your podcast or something, but I mentioned this retweet and I said ‘well, you know it’s this silly retweet but it’s not…’, and she says to me ‘wait, it was a retweet! Those don’t count!’ and I thought yes! The voice of the people! It’s a retweet!”

“People at home understand this, it’s only the media which is not populated by sensible adults” added Yiannopoulos. “When we’re out in the real world it’s populated by children, and children take things out of context because they don’t understand anything that’s happening around them, and they’re looking for an excuse to have a go at mom or whatever it is. They don’t understand context, they don’t understand any of the things like nuances and shades and subtleties of meaning, and they twist things to make babyish points to persuade people that they should be allowed to stay out late… That’s the media. That’s what journalists do.”

“And the other thing about that alleged Star of David anti-Semitic… I saw it. It’s just a star!” replied Coulter.

“Wouldn’t even had occurred to me… Do people go into malls?” asked Yiannopoulos. “Do they walk down malls looking for stars, like a six point star, and go into them and ask the manager ‘how dare you associate this geometric pattern with anything to do with money or corruption, you’re anti-Semite. I’m boycotting your store’?”

“I mean without the crosses in the middle, if you don’t see it drawn as two triangles…” added Coulter.

“This is the great thing about Trump. He lives in so many people’s heads rent-free, that’s how you know the level of control he has over people” claimed Yiannopoulos. “Whether it’s tweeting ‘I love Hispanics’ with a little taco bowl, and Buzzfeed ringing up Trump Tower just to check that they really do sell those. Of course they do… That’s how much control he has over these idiots, you know? And this one, it’s like ‘what kind of mind… what is going on in your head when you see this? Yes it’s a Star of David! We can get him on this!’ and MNSBC of course, because people are saying you know ‘oh well that’s just clip art’, so MNSBC on television, this is a news network, has got screenshots of what happens when you click the clip art button in Microsoft Office because they want to know if Trump’s campaign is telling the truth about how they got the star on there… I mean it’s funny, but it’s sad isn’t it?”

“Well also they tried to say ‘yes, but it actually did come from an anti-Semitic’, or as they’re calling it ‘alt-right group’, but two things” added Coulter. “One is the guy himself who tweeted it immediately changed it to a circle. Now I don’t know any Nazi’s, but my guess is they do not go ‘oh my gosh! You caught me! I’m changing it to a circle!’ No, they say ‘damn right that’s a Star of David!’

“I think they might” concluded Yiannopoulos.

Charlie Nash is a reporter for Breitbart Tech and former editor of the Squid Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter @MrNashington or like his page at Facebook.


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