Milo on CNN: I Will Continue to Be as Offensive as Possible


Milo Yiannopoulos sat down with CNN’s Alison Kosik to discuss his online spat with Ghostbusters (2016) star Leslie Jones and why in an age of outrage culture, the only response is to be outrageous.

“You wrote a scathing review about Ghostbusters,” said Kosik.

“I thought it was quite measured, it’s just that everybody else lying that they liked the movie when nobody really did,” replied Yiannopoulos, before explaining his Twitter spat with Leslie Jones.

Kosik presented Yiannopoulos with a log of his tweets about the Ghostbusters remake and its cast.

“Yeah, I said the women in it were fat and ugly and ugly and fat, and they are, and I’ll tell you why I find this problematic,” he declared.

“We’ve started to marginalize traditional beauty standards,” he explained. “Now what we’re expected to do is celebrate body positivity, and that it’s okay to abuse your bodies, and run the risk of horrible diseases, and awful chronic conditions, and to die sooner. That’s horrible. What I’m trying to do is draw attention to a critique of what’s happening in mainstream beauty culture, and that comes from compassion, about the messages we’re sending to young girls”.

You can watch the full interview below:

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