Milo Tears Into Hillary-Supporting Podcast Host in Epic Free Speech Rant

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton addresses supporters during a rally at the Osceola Heritage Park in Kissimmee, Florida on August 8, 2016

Breitbart’s Milo Yiannopoulos joined Chris Paul on the “None Taken” podcast recently, where he ended up tearing into Paul for his hypocrisy in supporting Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, despite being a free speech activist.

“So you’re voting for Hillary are you?” asked Milo in disappointment.

“Yes, I am. I’m a pragmatist, I want the best results,” replied Paul.

“Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. As somebody who cares about culture, you should be ashamed of voting for a president who is going to make certain kinds of speech on campus illegal,” Milo proclaimed.

“You’ve spent the first forty-five minutes of this show discussing with me your distaste for all the left’s constant attack on free speech, free inquiry. Hillary Clinton, not Sanders, Hillary Clinton is the greatest imaginable threat to the free speech you cherish so much. She is the one that sucks up and panders to Black Lives Matter, more than Sanders does, which is why they charged his stage and not hers. Look at the people she appoints. Look at the black community, always votes for the Clintons. Why? Because the Clintons tell them they’re going to give them what they want, and they put people in office when they’re there.”

“I accept the pandering as a lesser evil,” interrupted Paul.

“Well, not when you are arrested for ‘hate speech’ about saying the wrong thing about black crime rates. Then you won’t,” rebutted Milo.

“Look at the relationship she has with the worst kind of whiny, lesbianic institutional feminism. Title nine is nothing compared to what Hillary will do to American universities when she gets in office. The way that men are treated on campuses today is deplorable, and I presume you agree with me on that, this is nothing compared to after eight years of a Clinton presidency. All of the things you claim you care about are at so much greater risk from a Hillary presidency than anybody else that ran for president in this cycle. Anybody who’s now dropped out, O’Malley, you know, or anybody on the Republican side too, there is no person running for president in this cycle of any stripe, whether they’re still running or not, more of a risk to the things you say you care about than Hillary Clinton. It is so shocking to me that you suggest you’re going to vote for her.”

“I will not deny you that, I just will…” replied Paul.

“So you’re gonna vote for her anyway, even though she’s the greatest threat to all the things you care about? That’s insane,” Milo expressed.

You can listen to their entire encounter on the issue below:

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