Milo: Why We Don’t Want Hillary To Stumble During The Debate Tonight

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During his speech ahead of the presidential debate tonight, Breitbart Senior Editor Milo Yiannopoulos said that Trump supporters should hope for a “stumble-free” appearance from Hillary Clinton tonight, as Trump can win on facts alone.


“Let’s be clear on one thing” Milo announced. “Trump supporters should be hoping for a cough and stumble-free outing for Hillary this evening. Let me tell you why I think this is true. We should be wishing for her to perform well because we don’t need to beat her just because she is a frail, evil, confused old lady. We want to beat her because the facts are on our side. We want to beat her with reason and logic and with policies the American people care about.”

Milo then continued to list the differences that viewers would see between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton during the first presidential debate.


“A lot of it will be down to the intangibles. A lot of it is going to be down to things you can’t quite put down in words, but you feel” Milo expressed. “Other things will be more obvious. She’s eight inches shorter than him. Let me tell you, eight inches makes a big difference.”

“Every past president has been worried about getting assassinated, getting shot. Seems to be the only way Trump could lose is getting assassinated” he continued. “Reagan took a bullet while in office, God bless his memory, Ronald Reagan. The only thing Hillary is worried about is not having a shot handy when she goes into one of her seizures.”


Milo then joked that Clinton’s secret service codename was “Patient Zero”, a jibe at her health rumors, before discussing the hypocrisy of her claims to be for women and homosexuals whilst simultaneously taking money from Saudi Arabia.

“All this matters, but there’s something that matters more, and it’s why you shouldn’t wish for an episode tonight in the debate” Milo concluded. “That is because Trump can, and I’m sure will beat her on the facts.”

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