Milo: Muslims Are Like The Borg

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MILO spoke at the University of Central Florida tonight where he discussed the 10 things he hates most about Islam, comparing the religion’s followers to the hive-like Borg from Star Trek. 

“Islam lacks authority. It’s headless, if you’ll forgive a cruel pun.” joke Milo to a crowd of enthralled college students, “So it lacks someone who can clean house or declare definitively that something is wrong or should be abandoned. But despite lacking authority, Islam doesn’t encourage the kind of one-on-one relationship with God that you see in Christian traditions. Instead, Islam is collectivist.”

“You can see why lefties love it. Islam is the Borg in more ways than one, but we have to hope that resistance isn’t futile.” said Yiannopoulos referencing the Star Trek hivemind villains. “One of the similarities between Islam and feminism, by the way, is that neither is satisfied until you have converted or died.”

“Because of its emphasis on community, Islam is more cult-like than other religions. You aren’t supposed to turn to a priest or an authority figure for support or guidance — you’re supposed to turn to the rest of the ummah.”

“Islam encourages itself to treat everyone within the religion like a brother to be trusted and supported, and everyone outside it to be feared and suspected. It’s no wonder that it encourages tribal outbursts of violence, particularly against those who defeat and humiliate the tribe, like Israel.”

Milo quotes are from prepared remarks.


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