Advocate’s Lucas Grindley Repeatedly Refuses To Correct Lie That Milo Is A ‘White Supremacist’

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Following Out magazine’s recent profile of Breitbart Senior Editor, Milo Yiannopoulos, leftists have trotted out one of their favorite buzzwords: “white supremacist.”

Lucas Grindley of The Advocate, who can be seen in this piece’s header image, wrote an article reporting on an open letter signed by over forty LGBT reporters and media professionals condemning Out for their profile of Milo.

Breitbart reached out to Grindley on four separate occasions to discuss his characterisation of Milo but received no reply from Grindley.

Grindley’s supposedly pro-LGBT article goes on to shame Milo for his sexual preferences, stating: “He [Milo] offers a lengthy defense against accusations that he’s a racist who relies heavily on his self-professed love of “black dick,” which sounds like fetishism even as he simultaneously claims it isn’t.”

Not unlike the recent Huffington Post hitpiece against Milo, Grindley compares some of Milos views to those held by Nazis, “He [Milo] also makes the case that gay people have the highest IQs, an argument echoing the eugenics movement.”

The article goes on to list tweets from members of the LGBT media such as Slade Sohmer, Managing Editor at who refers to Milo as a “gay white racist.”

Matthew Rodriguez, lead writer for Mic identities section refers to Milo as a “white supremacist.”

Carlos Maza of Media Matters for America referred to Milo as a “racist, bigoted monster.”

MTV writer Doreen St. Félix also accuses Milo of being a “white supremacist” while simultaneously calling him boring. 

And finally, Jose Antonio Vargas. formerly of the Washington Post and L.A.Times called Milo a “bigot” and a “racist.”

When asked for comment on the article Milo had this to say: “Even though I’ve seen every Donald Trump supporter around lumped into the “basket of deplorables,” it is still shocking to see Lucas Grindley and his ilk betray any semblance of journalistic ethics in an effort to smear me as a white supremacist. We all know the press has become almost uniformly lazy, biased and mendacious, but witnessing them stoked into such a fury over a gay man with differing opinions has been amazing even for me. I thought I had seen it all!”

Read Out magazine’s profile on Milo here.

Lucas Nolan is a conservative who regularly contributes articles on censorship and free speech to Breitbart. Follow him on Twitter@LucasNolan_ or email him at


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