Milo Explains How To Celebrate ‘World Patriarchy Day’ At Clemson Birthday Extravaganza

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Breitbart Senior Editor, MILO spoke today at Clemson University, where he celebrated World Patriarchy Day — also known as MILO’s birthday.

Milo explained to the animated crowd how best to celebrate World Patriarchy Day.

“Your mission is now to go forth and be a good member of the patriarchy. Get good grades. When you recognize a member of the SDS working in Starbucks, tell them your name is Milo.” said Milo to the crowded room.

“I’ve put together a handy list of other common ways you can celebrate World Patriarchy Day”

Below are a few of the ways that Milo suggested to celebrate WPD.

  • Have a penis.
  • Shoot something.  But not MIlo, or yourself
  • Flirt with every female member of retail staff you encounter. They tell you they hate it, but they’d die without it.
  • Cat-call at least five women.
  • Say no to new shoes.
  • Manspread.
  • Play video games.
  • Tell a woman why she’s wrong (but be sure to hold the door open for her as she leaves).
  • Buy a truck.
  • Vote Republican.
  • Leave the seat up.
  • Don’t call her back.
  • Hunt.
  • Drink beer
  • If you have female employees, refer to them exclusively as “darling.” All day.
  • Get yourself banned from the Jezebel comments section.

Written from prepared remarks. 

Watch the full event below. 


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