Milo at GMU: Why Do Dead People Always Vote Democrat?

Ben Kew
Fairfax, Virginia

Addressing an audience at George Mason University on the potential for the 2016 election to be rigged, MILO said that “we know lots of dead people will vote Democrat.”

MILO explained America’s long history of voter fraud, with the country having “gone through eras of political machines influencing elections in any way they could.”

“We know lots of dead people vote.  One of the Democrats most important tricks is to keep dead people on the voter registration rolls. They are amongst the democrats most loyal voter blocs. They must have welfare in heaven,” he said. 

He suggested that one of the most obvious cases of voter fraud was this year in the Democratic primaries, “where 100,000 voters suspected Bernie Sanders voters were removed from the electoral rolls,” in an effort to fix the race in favour of Hillary Clinton.

“Bernie Sanders was defeated in a completely rigged primary. Hillary Clinton was the anointed nominee before it even started.”

MILO also made reference to cases of left-wing voter fraud, such as when petitions to add Barack Obama to the 2008 primary had been forged, as well as this year’s Austrian presidential election which is having to be re-run due to fraudulent activity favouring the pro-immigration candidate.

He also quoted the words of Barack Obama, who once famously said “vote early and vote often.” 

Watch MILO’s full talk at GMU below. 

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