MILO Condemns Leftist Media for Targeting Memories Pizza


Breitbart Senior editor MILO visited Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, today, where he condemned leftist gays and the media for targeting the pizza shop after they refused to cater same-sex weddings.

MILO condemned the liberal and gay media for attacking the family that owns and operates Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana. He expressed disappointed that the gay community would attempt to destroy the family who runs the shop simply for expressing their religious beliefs.

Below is an excerpt of MILO’s comments:

Well, you saw for yourself, the real face of Memories Pizza if you like, it’s not the one you see on CNN, it’s not the one you’ll see on MSNBC and it’s not the one you hear from when you listen particularly to the lead and vindictive gay press, that is… you know they complain about how they were supposedly treated in the past about the injustices and bigotry visited upon gay people by decent ordinary folk like this who just really want to be left alone – turning a blind eye to the excesses of Islam, denying there is any problem whatsoever in the aftermath of Orlando, pandering to and mollycoddling radical Islam, voting for people like Hillary Clinton who take hundreds of millions of dollars from Saudi Arabia, where gay people are hanging off cranes and executed. And no – the media chooses somewhere like this, somewhere decent, somewhere good – little Memories Pizza in Indiana. This is the example they choose to set because they’re bullies and because they’re liars. It’s deeply humiliating for somebody – you know we live in an era of identity politics now where we are kind of judged by the group you fall into. Whether you’re a woman, whether you’re black, whether you’re gay – it makes me pretty disgusted to be gay to see how this good decent ordinary family has been treated by, you know, the other homosexuals.


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