Watch: Washington Post Reporter Taylor Lorenz Defends Gaza Treatment of LGBTQ, Don Lemon Corrects Her

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - FEBRUARY 08: Taylor Lorenz attends's Galentine'
Emma McIntyre/Getty

Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz stepped into a bit of hot water when she appeared to defend the treatment of LGBTQ people by the terrorist organization Hamas by literally comparing them to states like Texas.

Lorenz issued her bizarre statement of moral equivalency during an interview with former CNN anchor Don Lemon this weekend.

“Taylor, how do you reconcile the way marginalized groups fighting for what’s happening in Gaza, yet in Gaza, they would not have any freedom,” Don Lemon pointedly asked Lorenz.

“They don’t have any freedoms in Texas and Florida,” Lorenz shot back. 

Don Lemon immediately corrected her by noting that people in Texas and Florida do not throw LGBTQ Americans from the rooftops of buildings. 

“Taylor I’m a member of the LGBTQ community, if I go to Texas they’re not going to throw me off a roof,” he said.

According to Amnesty International, “consensual same-sex sexual conduct continued to be banned in Gaza on the basis of a 1936 British Mandate ordinance.”

“In September, after the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) published guidance to staff regarding treating all genders and LGBTI people equally, the Hamas authorities condemned the guidance for promoting ‘deviance and moral decay,'” noted the organization.

The Jerusalem Post also noted a “Queer in Gaza” campaign has been seeking to raise awareness about the treatment of LGBTQ people in the Gaza strip.

“Living as a Queer person in Gaza is punishable by torture and death by Hamas, the rulers of Gaza,” the campaign states. “There is no transgender population in Gaza because any trans person who lives openly will be hunted down by Hamas.”

“Israel grants asylum rights to LGBT Palestinians who face death in Gaza and the Palestinian Territories; there are hundreds of Queer Palestinians living safely in Israel right now, who will face death if they are sent back to Gaza or the Palestinian Territories,” it adds.

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