MILO Hits One Million Facebook Fans


In the wake of his Twitter suspension, MILO shifted over to Facebook where he foundered and was never heard from again where he has accumulated one million ‘Likes’ just a few months later.

Of course, this news comes as no shock to MILO himself, who has vowed to continue his fight against Jack Dorsey’s social media dictator tactics. At the time of his removal, MILO was sitting at around 338,000 Twitter followers. It’s safe to say he now reaches a somewhat larger audience.

Reached for comment, MILO said:

I am shocked and appalled that a sexist, islamophobic LGBTBQAAIDFGR£*$U%phobe and purveyor of fake news — that is to say, stuff CNN doesn’t want you to hear about — like MILO has achieved a million followers.

Yes, he may be handsome and funny and utterly fascinating, but that’s no excuse for endorsing the ugly and hateful things he does online, such as quote statistics and recite facts. Whatever you do, don’t give him a million more!

Our resident gay thot has a little way to go to catch up to Breitbart itself, which is cruising toward 3 million Facebook LikesAs the New York Times reported in NovemberBreitbart is the number one in media on Mark Zuckerberg’s network for overall engagement.


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