MILO Hands Out Christmas Presents At Minnesota State


MILO handed out various Christmas presents to the audience during his talk at Minnesota State University on Thursday, including Christmas hats and a copy of Crippled America by Donald Trump.

Appearing on stage in a Christmas jumper, MILO threw Christmas Santa hats into the audience, declaring “let’s dress up the front row!”

“I’ve got some little gifts, you know because I am one of life’s givers” he continued, as the audience laughed.

Peeking inside the paper bags which contained gifts for the audience, MILO pulled out a copy of Bernie Sanders: Outside in the White House, laughing at the title and declaring “no you’re fucking not” before throwing the bag into the audience.


“Ooh, this is a real present” he continued while peeking into the next bag. “Hand lotion. A lady will want this. Who has a lady to give this to?”

MILO also received his own present, a hockey jersey with his name on it, from the event’s student organizers.


Smirking while the audience watched in suspense, MILO then pulled out a copy of Donald Trump’s Crippled America as the audience cheered.

“Everybody has a copy of this already, don’t you?” he asked, before throwing the final bag into the audience until later on his speech.


After resuming his present-giving toward the end of the speech, MILO also gave out a copy of “The Exotic Chicken” coloring book.

“Oh, now I get it. It’s an anti-stress coloring book” said MILO. “Does anyone have a feminist sister?”

As one man in the audience put up his hand, he promised to give the book to his sister as MILO gave it to him.

Moving on to the next present, MILO pulled out an “astronaut ice cream sandwich”, adding “that sounds disgusting” as he threw it into the audience.

“What are these little things? Nobody knows” declared MILO as he threw out two more smaller paper bags into the crowd. “I promise there are no Lena Dunham books, or little dildos or anything.”

Milo MS11

“Here you go have some chocolate” he continued, throwing more bags into the audience.

One wrapped present was handed to an audience member in the front row, before MILO then moved on to the last paper bag.

“Oh god” he said in disgust, pulling out a copy of the Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler, and then opting to throw it behind him instead of at the audience.


“Dreidels, anyone want dreidels?” asked MILO, throwing them out in groups. “For the Jews, there we go”.

After being given a present himself from an audience member, and refusing to give away two wooden crosses which he uses to “keep away the feminists”, MILO pulled out a mask, asking “who’s ugly?”

“I will sign the Vagina Monologues for somebody afterwards” he promised, as he pulled out a roll of duct tape. “Who needs a little bedroom spiced up?”

“Tie someone up this evening” he joked. “Merry Christmas.”

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