FAKE NEWS: LA Times’ Rick Anderson Falsely Brands MILO a ‘White Nationalist’


LA Times reporter Rick Anderson falsely branded Breitbart editor MILO a “white nationalist” in an article covering last night’s shooting incident at the University of Washington.

The article, which carries a tone of hostility throughout, comes close to blaming MILO’s tour for the violence carried out by the protesters. The piece’s very first paragraph states that MILO’s tour is “provoking” shouting matches and fistfights, and “finally degenerated to the level of gunfire.”

“A white nationalist, Yiannopoulos was banned by Twitter last January after he sent a series of racist tweets about “Ghostbusters” actress Leslie Jones. He uses a derogatory term for gays in the title of his speaking tour, and his speeches intentionally push the envelope,” Anderson wrote.

This isn’t the first time that MILO has been falsely branded by the mainstream media. USA Today issued a correction after called MILO a “white nationalist,” “racist,” and “alt-right.” NBC News was also forced to issue a correction after labeling MILO a “white nationalist troll” in early January. Earlier this week, CNN falsely labeled MILO a “white nationalist,” “racist,” and alt-right.”

Despite the ease with which members of the mainstream media have with regards to falsely branding MILO, prominent white nationalists have repeatedly disavowed MILO and his movement.

MILO has battled with various white nationalist and fringe sections of the right, so much so that white supremacist site The Daily Stormer waged a “war” against him.

Alt-right leader Richard Spencer has also dispelled claims that MILO is a part of the white nationalist fringes of the alt-right, stating simply that “Milo is not a part of the alt-right,” during a debate.

White nationalists at the anti-semitic Infostormer blog branded MILO a “race-mixing kike faggot.”





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