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Welcome to the Dangerous Faggot Tour! My name is MILO, and I am the supervillain of the Internet and the most dangerous man on the planet, at least if you read the fake news!

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Why might I be getting all this attention from social media companies and the press?

I don’t operate a creepy pizza parlor full of kids or organize violent attacks on people based on their political opinions — but to the media I’m much worse, because I’m bringing free speech and opposing viewpoints to campuses around the country.

I’m happy to be here in New Mexico, the land of illegal immigration and meth. Speaking of that, free meth for everyone!

Smoke up lads, it’s badboy season.

We must also thank local law enforcement, thank you officers. The brave men and women of the law have risked not only their lives but their nostrils to engage with those foul-smelling loons outside.

I heard they were selling the Communist Manifesto out there to raise money for their activism. They apparently don’t see the irony of that capitalistic enterprise.

See, like Trump, I’m creating jobs and supporting small businesses already.

Of course, it is no secret I speak about controversial topics, but nothing I say is hate speech, assuming you agree that “hate speech” is even a thing.

Hate speech is most often a term liberals throw around to shut people up when they disagree. More universities should welcome me with open arms, while encouraging those that disagree with me to protest peacefully.

UNM has done exactly this. Originally they demanded thousands of dollars at the last minute, but your administrators have sensibly reversed that policy. A round of applause – credit where it’s due.

I understand there is modern art and poetry being read while I speak tonight. Maybe they could start a chant “His beauty will not sway us” or something like that. I guess I am not so good at making up chants against myself….but who is?

Many universities have blocked me from speaking, at first by outright cancelling my shows, but later by finding crafty ways to avoid my tour without seeming quite so authoritarian and free-speech hating.

This normally takes the form of last minute and completely outrageous security fees placed on students when the university knows full well they cannot pay them.

Unfortunately, that was the situation we were facing with tonight’s event; a last minute demand from the university for $3,500 to pay for security.  It turns out those peaceful liberals need a lot of police to make sure they don’t accidentally attack someone.

UNM knew the College Republicans had a slim chance of paying that fee. They already took all of the students’ money for tuition!

But something amazing happened. A MILO Miracle. The acting President of the University of New Mexico, Chaouki T. Abdallah, waived the demand. What he lacks in looks he makes up for in sensible approaches to security fees.

I have respect for President Abdallah. He isn’t one of my 1.2 million fans on Facebook, but he understands the importance of free speech.

I think a portion of his statement is worth repeating this evening. Unfortunately the protesters, the people who most need to hear this, probably never will.

President Abdallah said:

“The University of New Mexico is committed to the principles of free speech, and values our role as a marketplace of ideas in the community. Within this context, I have carefully considered the concerns expressed by the Regents in last Friday’s meeting regarding the police and security services policy and how its application may impact free speech on campus. As a result, I am directing the immediate suspension and application of that portion of the policy that results in fees for security and police protection, pending a thorough policy review.”

Splendid. And there’s just a bit of extra salt in the wound for the left-wing professors on campus and their batshit insane social justice progeny. Marsha Baum, the Chair of the Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee, sent around her own communication to professors.  It is also worth highlighting:

“Although we may disagree with a speaker’s position or words, the University Faculty should support each student’s freedom of inquiry and expression, both inside and outside of the classroom.  The Academic Freedom and Tenure Committee encourages each faculty member at UNM to endorse the AAUP Statement and to enable students to enjoy the same academic freedom that we profess for ourselves.”

It might just be me, but I think that’s the sound of social justice hegemony coming to an end at the University of New Mexico. You’re welcome, guys.

2017 is the year social justice fucking dies. What the liberal elite at universities around the country don’t realize is that if they all had the same dedication to free speech and academic freedom as the University of New Mexico has, the Dangerous Faggot Tour wouldn’t even be necessary. You’d never even hear from me!

Anyway, now that we’ve established I can say what I want, it’s time to talk about borders.

Tonight we’re going to talk about America’s borders, and why America both deserves strong borders and why you aren’t evil or wrong for wanting them.

There is no better place on my tour to discuss borders, because we are in a border state. The southwest has essentially become trans-Mexican thanks to decades of bad policy on illegal immigration, and we can only pray Donald Trump successfully reverses all of that.

But before we talk about some of the new policies that will help America, we have to knock down a few cherished liberal canards. The progressive left — and, sadly, establishment Republican — mantra of globalism dictates unlimited immigration of EVERYBODY across completely open borders.

It’s utterly retarded. Just because you share a border with another country, apparently you’re supposed to pay for them to exist if they sneak into your town because, well, no one ever quite explains that but you’re a total racist if you don’t agree.

I just don’t get it. It makes no sense.

The first thing that liberals say when we talk about controlling immigration is “YOU’RE RACIST!”. I mean, let’s be honest, that’s the first thing they say about anything!  But especially on immigration.

There is a simple reply. Illegal immigrants are not a race. Illegal immigrants come in every race, creed and color. We know the largest part of the illegal immigration problem is Mexican people. But Mexican isn’t a race either!

It’s a silly American quirk to divide people up into races. The Left did it to you all. But here’s a dirty little secret. Hispanics are white! I’m from Europe and the Spaniards and Portuguese neighbors would never be considered anything but white.

So first of all, stop talking about racism unless you’re actually referring to another race.

Perhaps you can bring up racism if you’re talking about that video from Chicago that shows four black thugs torturing a retarded white kid while shouting FUCK WHITE PEOPLE.

I’ll tell you something else that isn’t a race — Islam. Muslims can be from the Middle East, from Africa, and they can even be soulless gingers from the United Kingdom.

Like any set of ideas, Islam deserves to be scrutinised. I have scrutinised it and found it lacking. Everywhere there is Islam, you will find women oppressed, homosexuals murdered and gang rapes as common as EBT cards in east L.A.

We will never stop liberals from calling everyone racist, but on the immigration issue it is a ridiculous charge.

If you really want to see a display of racism, watch the reaction from liberals toward Hispanics that support Trump and controlled immigration. They freak out at Shia LeBeouf levels, and call them race traitors. It’s amazing to watch.

The other argument we always run into is that “America is a nation of immigrants!” They say the same thing about my home country, the UK.

And we usually get the quote from the Statue of Liberty:

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore.”

It is true, America is a nation of immigrants. But the immigrants of today look very different than the immigrants of the past. Immigrants of the past wanted to be Americans, and they assimilated into American culture. The Irish wanted to participate in the American dream.

Sure, your families kept various traditions from the old country, but they not only learned English, they blended together into one cohesive fabric. And they believed and still believe in the Constitution.

Muslim immigrants do not want to assimilate, they want to turn America into their home countries, whether Syria or Somalia. Why come here if that is the case? Why would anyone want that?

I will give you an example — the Tsarnaev brothers who committed the Boston bombing were Muslim Asylum seekers. Dzhokhar was a naturalized citizen while Tamerlan was still waiting.

But these thugs were not people who wanted to be American. Tamerlan used to tell people to turn off music because it was not permitted by Islam. Additionally, they were longboarders, which explains a lot.

One thing is clear. The Hijab is not something that should ever be seen on American women. It is a symbol of oppression and difference – a defiant insistence that the wearer will not assimilate.

Since the election there have been a spate of hate crime hoaxes in which Muslim women claim their Hijab was ripped off by Trump supporters.

One student at the University of Louisiana admitted her attack was completely fabricated. She made the whole thing up, because Trump supporters attacking a Muslim woman is completely believable to liberals fed a steady diet of hate by the fake news .

This is a rare instance of the lying media actually admitting that one of its cherished hate crimes was a hoax. Normally, they just move on quickly and never mention it again.

Yasmin Seweid, just 18 years old, in New York City made up a similar story. She said three men called her a terrorist and attacked her, telling her to get out off the country.  Another false story.

Here is a brand new one that can’t be blamed on Trump supporters, because it took place in Austria. A 14 year old girl claimed she was attacked and that the evil white men tried to rip off her Hijab on a train. The police have revealed it is a complete fabrication as well.

Here at UNM, a female Muslim student, freshman Leena Aggad, told a similar story of suffering an attack at the hands of what she called a “buff Trump supporter”.

That’s what we call a tautology as all Trump supporters are by definition stronger, hotter, funnier, smarter and more popular than everyone around them.

It’s funny, the story seems to have dropped from the media IMMEDIATELY after the first report, and the cops don’t know anything about it. This could have been a real incident, but it makes you wonder doesn’t it?

I mean, I’m not accusing you of lying, exactly, Leena, but how is it that you found time to report this harrowing crime to the press, but not the police?

Why would all of these fake attacks be devised in such a way to illustrate our differences? I will tell you the answer — these social activists with their horribly regressive social attitudes about women and gays and intolerence for non-Muslims have no interest in assimilation.

Latinos face different challenges in assimilation. For one thing, their identity is confused. You might think of them as geographic trannies.

A 2011 Pew Research Center survey of Latinos in America showed just 20% of them think of themselves as American. Only 24% of them think of themselves as Latino. A whopping 51% think of themselves according to their national origin, whether it is Mexico or Brazil.

According to this survey, saying Latino is a bit like saying LGBT, plus whatever other letters they’ve added on this week.

Gays and lesbians don’t really think alike at all, but always get lumped together. To say nothing of the offensive association with mentally ill crossdressers.

It’s the same with Latinos. According to that survey 7 out of 10 Latinos don’t believe there is a common Latino culture. That’s because the whole thing is a liberal confection.

The other challenge with Latinos is language. The book “We Wanted Workers” by George Borjas makes the argument that recent immigrants are learning English more slowly than previous immigrants thanks to the rise of ethnic enclaves.

Now before you start thinking that is coming from a right wing think tank or evil right wing blog, Borjas is a Professor at Harvard — not exactly a hotbed of conservatism. And he is a Cuban immigrant as well.

Immigrant Latinos are assimilating slower than they used to, because they don’t have to. Is there a government form anywhere in the US that isn’t available in Spanish?

Liberals are completely freaking out over Donald Trump. For the first time in recent memory, an elected official is doing EXACTLY what he said he was going to do.

They thought they were getting something similar to Obama, who promised to close Gitmo and then of course did nothing of the sort. They thought they were getting a male Hillary, who’d spend the first 100 days stealing everything not nailed down in the Oval Office.

Instead they got a determined and crafty businessman who IMMEDIATELY went to work.  It is their worst nightmare. Instead he is Daddy, and he is making America great again!

Like any good businessman, the Donald knows a one size fits all solution fixes nothing. So he is addressing immigration problems in different way.

Trump is about to put in place the temporary ban he promised on immigration of any sort from selected Middle Eastern and African nations, like Syria and Somalia. This is the only sensible move until we know who is who. It’s time to stop risking the safety of Americans over being kind to strange immigrants.

By this point some of you will be wondering why I’m focusing so much on Muslim immigration. Well, it should be obvious. Orlando. And the response to it by liberal elites.

Only journalists and Hollywood celebrities think it’s weird that gays and Muslims don’t get along. The rest of us get it just fine.

I know liberals love numbers and charts, so to see if Trump is along the right track, we looked at the data, and turns out that yes, Muslims do blow stuff up more than others.

And we looked at some other data, too, in light of Trump’s election. I mean on the face of it, this shouldn’t be hard. Figure out who wants to come to America, then (a) whether or not they want to destroy Western civilization and (b) if they actually have anything to offer this country.

Don’t bring them here first as supposed refugees, if you can even call them that. And stop doing yourselves down! The Left wants you to hate America so you don’t care as much when they ruin it.

But America is awesome, and you should be able to choose exactly who you want to come here. And kick out anyone who shouldn’t be here.

Germany has welcomed in millions of fighting age males, entirely capable of fighting back against the people taking over their countries.

Liberals have forgotten the old phrase: ‘Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.’ But they don’t have to know history to understand the threat of Muslim immigration. Just look across the ocean to Europe. Take it from me. I watched London change, and got out as soon as I could.

Some Americans are egotistical enough to think they can bring large numbers of Muslims here and escape Europe’s fate. Pick any city in the country — why do you want no-go zones, and places you can’t walk a dog because it offends Muslims?  Fuck all that. Deus Vult, baby.

Paris was the jewel of Europe. Now it is disgusting. You can’t walk down the sidewalks because of trash and lounging immigrants collecting welfare. Some of the alt-right Nazis probably approve of the destruction, since Paris is starting to look like 1944 all over again.

It isn’t just France of course. Travel to Germany, Sweden, and unfortunately the United Kingdom for a similar story.  I beg you, America, do not follow in their footsteps America!  Rather, hope that this temporary ban turns into a long term ban. Keep Islam out of America entirely, it’s not Western, and it’s that simple.

Donald Trump knows that Syria should be made safe for Syrians. He will come up with the sort of plan you’d expect from a business, low cost and quick to implement, instead of what we got from Barack Obama — who never worked in the private sector a day in his life.

The other problem Trump will address is illegal immigrants, which primarily come from South and Central America. There are many problems with Illegals, not the least of which is the cute names leftists come up for them like ‘undocumented Americans’ and ‘guests’. Guests is the name given to illegals by Sheriff Joe’s replacement, Paul Penzone. Good luck, Arizona!

Going back to George Borjas, from Harvard, he gives us several things to worry about. Firstly, no one has a real clue how many illegals there are in this country. The government likes to say 11 million, but that is not based in fact, just a bit of math. Someone at some point estimated 10% of immigrants were illegal, and they stuck with it. Your tax dollars at work.

But in California, when they decided to issue driver’s licenses to illegals, they had double the number of applicants they expected based on that math. So many the number is 20 million. Or 30 million. You guys have absolutely no idea who is in your country thanks to an effectively open Southern border.

Illegal immigrants, like legal immigrants often end up on Welfare and public assistance. These are low-skilled workers, not doctors and lawyers. According to Borjas, 46% of immigrant families end up on welfare in some form, as opposed to 27% of American households.  Welfare laws were tightened in 1996, but immigrants seem to have no problem getting assistance.

Illegal immigrants get the same types of assistance for their children. We are left with an important question — why are we in the west funding other people’s families when we can barely support our own?

Thirdly, Borjas points out that illegals dramatically reduce the wages of legal workers with similarly low skill levels.  These are legal Latinos, blacks, and poor whites.  Why should companies pay legal workers when they can get away with paying illegals less?

It is a disgusting practice, but it is common. Donald Trump knows it must stop if American is going to be great again. In the spirit of Trump’s agenda, do something for me. Here’s the ICE phone number. Write it down.

Call them the second you see someone you think may be illegal. I want you to help hurry the process of getting these people out of your country. Especially if they have women and children, because those children could grow up to be rapists or drug dealers and, who knows, those women could be carrying cocaine in their bottoms.

No really, write this down. I’m not kidding. If you see something, say something.

I want the world to see how much more awesome countries with real borders are, because I want my native UK to wake up and start chucking people out who simply don’t belong in civilised societies.

Trump being Trump, the deportations have already begun. Just yesterday, Trump deported 90 Somalis and at least one Kenyan. No, I’m not talking about Obama, who was deported from the White House this week.

As for the Somalians, you’re probably expecting me to make a black dick joke, but even I’d have to be drunk to go home with a pirate.

Now, liberals love to say that illegal immigrants do the jobs Americans refuse to, but they don’t get it quite right. They do jobs Americans won’t do without being paid appropriately for them.  I will share a case study with you.

Meatpacking isn’t just a euphemism for butt sex. It is also about the dirtiest job you can do. Animals dying, a sea of blood and gore, and rancid smells. I would pass out within 5 minutes of my first shift. All of you should pray to God and thank your parents that you are in college instead of a meatpacking plant. It is EXACTLY the type of job liberals say only illegals will do.

But a decade ago, they were proven wrong.  A meatpacking company called Swift and Co. was raided by the government who swooped in on six of their facilities in multiple states rounding up illegal workers.

1,300 workers were arrested for being illegal. Do you know what Swift & Co. did? They raised wages and hired Americans.  White men, legal migrants, all sorts of documented workers got jobs. There is no job too dirty for an American to do. They just won’t do it for an illegal’s wage.

I could talk all night about jobs, finances, and government programs, but I don’t think I’d truly get through to you. You are mostly young, and have no clue how badly your generation has been screwed by debt and social programs.

But one thing you should care about is crime, and illegals bring it in huge amounts. The FBI’s national gang report from 2013 documents that in Southwestern border region, gangs consisting of up to 80% illegal aliens were committing crimes including drug offenses, weapons trafficking, human trafficking, prostitution, extortion, robbery, auto theft, assault, homicide, racketeering, and money laundering.”

You are under no obligation to let criminals in this country. NEVER let anyone tell you that you are! This headline behind me is from a HuffPo article. Yes, you heard correctly, the Huffington Post. One of the most left leaning, anti-American publication in our timeline. Even they have seen the scary truth of it all.

You’ll hear people say that illegals commit less crime than Americans so all this talk of rapists and murderers is dumb. Well, there are lots of different ways to crunch the numbers. But either way, I have a simple answer to the question of whether illegals commit more crime.

They shouldn’t be here. One robbery is one robbery too many. One murder is one murder too many. One rape is one rape too many

Just like talking about economic statistics will bore you, talking about crime statistics will bore you to. What doesn’t bore anyone is putting a face on Americans killed by illegal aliens. These are Americans who didn’t need to die, and should be with us today.

Grant Ronnebeck was working in a convenience store when an illegal immigrant from Mexico named Apolinar Altamirano shot and killed him over a pack of cigarettes. Altamirano was out on bond while the government was deciding if he should be deported for a previous conviction.

Jamiel Shaw was murdered by illegal alien and gang member Pedro Espinoza. The attack was completely unprovoked, according to police. Espinoza was released from jail for assault with a deadly weapon just a day before the murder.

Shayley Estes was killed by Igor Zubko, a Russian illegal immigrant. He kidnapped her and killed her. The police caught him before he could get on a plane to San Francisco. He was going there because the sanctuary city laws would have prevented his deportation.

Sanctuary Cities are an interesting problem for the Trump government. What to do with cities who don’t want to protect their citizens? Donald will treat them like business rivals I suspect. For one thing, they will stop getting federal money.

Big cities suck up cash to pay for entitlements and other liberal big government boondoggles. They need the federal cash more than anyone.

But The Donald is smarter than that. He has plans to expose how bad sanctuary policies are.  He is going to have a list published every week listing the crimes committed by illegal aliens. If you think those cases are bad, wait until you see them every week. And wait until voters start seeing them,

And of course the fake news media won’t report on them. Some of you may know I participated in an art show late last year. I was in a bathtub of pig’s blood surrounded by pictures of innocent Americans killed by illegals.

I did not do this to denigrate the memory of these Americans. I feel the deepest sympathy for the families of those who were taken from us. But I believe the most terrible thing of all would be to forget they died, and allow their death to fade away without fixing America’s illegal alien problem.  

A signature campaign promise Daddy made that he is already moving to fulfill is the one we all know and love. HE’S BUILDING A WALL!

I love liberals and conservatives who say a wall isn’t effective. Do you remember when I said we could look at Europe to see what Muslim immigration does? I wish we could look somewhere to see what a wall does.

Oh yeah! My people built a wall in Israel! And it works wonderfully. It does what it is designed to do, keeping out the bad guys.

And Trump’s wall will greatly diminish the flow of illegal aliens. There are people that claim the wall physically cannot be built. Give me a break, America is the greatest country on Earth, and can do anything it decides to.

Your country built the Panama canal using steam shovels and hard labor. How can a border wall be harder than that? And the cost of the wall? It’s a rounding error compared to Obamacare.

And if you don’t think Donald Trump can get Mexico to pay it, well. Mexico is governed by career politicians just like most countries, and Trump will eat them alive.

Speaking of walls, tomorrow I’m heading down to El Paso to build a wall myself, right on the border of Mexico. A couple months is too far away.

Every country deserves to have control of its border, and decide who is allowed to immigrate.  Wanting this doesn’t make you racist, evil, or even particularly conservative.

America is blessed to have two big oceans, and Canada, which is, I understand, a sort of culturally barren snowy wasteland full of moose and transgender 5-year-olds. But it has a large border to the south that MUST be controlled if America is to flourish.

The millennial generation has in many respects been put in an unfair position. We are expected to clean up the mistakes of previous generations in foreign policy, trade, economy, and immigration.

But we can do it, if cast aside ludicrous allegations of racism from the progressive left and vote for common sense. Many of you already did in November.

I’m only a visitor here, but I admire your country enormously, in particular your armed forces and law enforcement, who do an incredible job in an almost ludicrously hostile political climate.

I see no reason why you shouldn’t proudly cry America First, no matter how much it triggers liberals, or Ben Shapiro. Which are sort of the same thing. I just want you to still have a country to be proud of in twenty years’ time.

MILO wears glasses by Versace, $240. Eyelet boyfriend womens tee by True Religion, $79. Police vest, $299.50. Black Jordan True Flight 7s by Nike, $140. Snake-embossed leather baseball cap by Gucci, $560. N The Skull Pendant by Swarovski, $199. Black acid washed skinny jeans by True Religion, $250. Skull ring by Swarovski, $110.

Written from prepared remarks.



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