NPR Correspondent Smears MILO as ‘Champion’ of the Alt-Right


NPR Media Correspondent and author David Folkenflik falsely labeled Breitbart Senior Editor MILO as a “champion” of the alt-right, despite the fact that both parties have repeatedly refuted this claim.

“He’s a conservative, he’s often described that way, but he’s really a provocateur. He’s a guy who’s one of the champions of this group called the alt-right,” claimed Folkenflik, who went on to describe the alt-right as a “group that feels American society is too politically correct and has repressed their ability to say things, which often veer into things that are racist, sexist… sometimes anti-Semitic, homophobic, and particularly in this day and age, anti-Islam.”

Folkenflik continued to claim that MILO’s goal is “to incite anger,” before later adding that many “white supremacists” are members of the alt-right.

In the past few months, several major news outlets have been forced to issue retractions after falsely branding MILO a “white nationalist,” and “alt-right,” including NBC News, USA Today, CNN, CBS, The Los Angeles TimesThe Chicago Tribune, and Fusion, who called MILO a “Nazi” before deleting the post.

The Mayor of Berkeley apologized on Thursday after falsely labeling MILO as a “white nationalist,” but has since gone on to claim that the Breitbart News senior editor is “a prominent alt-rightist.”

Both MILO and actual prominent figures of the alt-right have repeatedly refuted this claim.

Alt-right icon Richard Spencer previously dispelled claims of MILO being a member of the movement, stating simply that “Milo is not a part of the alt-right,” during a video debate.

Popular alt-right blog “The Right Stuff” also bluntly declared in an article that “Milo isn’t one of us.”

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