MILO Security Coordinator: Berkeley Police Had a ‘No Arrests Policy’

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Breitbart Senior editor MILO appeared alongside his tour security coordinator Tej Gill on Breitbart News Daily hosted by Breitbart Editor in Chief Alex Marlow today to discuss the riots at UC Berkeley and the inaction of Berkeley Police Department.

“Let’s heat up Tej’s mic,” said Alex Marlow introducing Gill, “We’ve got Tej Gill here in the studio who’s been running security for MILO’s tour, which is easier said than done. He’s a Navy SEAL, you’ve heard him on the show a few times talking about various issues with Steve Bannon back in the day. Tej I wanna get your thoughts on all this and what kind of environment does this create for someone like you who makes his living in security, when you’ve got your client being called all of these horrific names, saying he’s literally orchestrating a hoax so his own followers get harassed and attacked, get bloodied, get beaten at his own events.”

Tej replied, “it creates a dangerous environment. The only thing that this guy [Berkeley Professor Robert Reich] said that’s correct is that these guys were not students, the guys in the black, they’re anarchists from out of town. They’re the same people that shut down UC Davis, they’re the same people that created chaos at University of Washington in Seattle.”

“And the inauguration, they have the same garb,” interjected Marlow

“Exactly, they look like ISIS when they march in. They’re organised, well funded, I wouldn’t go as far to say well equipped but I was standing up top with the police when these guys marched in and we’re getting reports that anarchist are 4 blocks away, 3 blocks away, 2 blocks away, they’ve got bats, they’ve got weapons. They actually had shields with them, every other one had a shield that was about 3 foot by 6 foot covered in back trash bags, I don’t know what it was made out of. But they walked into the campus, single file like a military unit, cut straight through the crowd about one row of people back behind the barriers and the surrounded the building.”

“At that time I thought they were gonna lock arms,” Tej continued, “that’s a tactic they used at University of Washington, Seattle, they did the exact same thing they just cut straight through the crowd and they locked arms. But they didn’t do that, that’s when they started firing fireworks, throwing eggs and that’s when they started pulling apart the barriers and they tipped over that light stand that had a diesel generator in it, that’s what caused the fire and lit the tree on fire. And the police effectively did nothing, nothing while we were there.”

“I think the fact that there were no arrests,” said Marlow, “at the violent protests at UC Berkeley that shut down speech, that prevented your event from going forward and really broke the heart of a lot of fans as well, lets not underestimate that as well, people are entitled to have performers that they enjoy and go see them, it was a very unfortunate upsetting event and no on got arrested which to me sends a signal that this can go on over and over and it just is gonna embolden the left and Tej as a security expert what are your thoughts on that?”

“It just fuels the fire,” replied Tej, “the no arrest thing, hands off policy, every time they do this and they do it successfully with no arrest, no trouble, there’s no consequences and if there’s no consequences why stop? Each time they’re gonna get stronger and stronger.”

“So how do we deal with this? What is the recourse that we have in order to try to start stemming this really rising movement of totalitarianism from the left?” asked Marlow.

“It’s simple, enforce the law. That’s it. Just enforce the law. When we go to the conservative campuses the police departments there are amazing, the shows go off without a hitch, they’re orderly, they give the protesters room to protest and they give the MILO supporters room to support MILO then they keep everybody separated. Liberal campuses have effectively emasculated the police forces there. They’ve totally been politicised, they don’t let them do their job, they actually have a hands off and no arrests policy, one of the guys at Berkeley told me this.” said Tej

“A no arrest policy? It is a policy that they can’t arrest anyone? And is this only for the left, if this was a right wing event of course there would be arrests” replied Marlow

“yes, of course” confirmed Tej

“Imagine if the politics had been reversed last night, if it had been Trump supporters causing a fuss outside a Lena Dunham speech,” said MILO, “would there be a single front page that wasn’t holding it today, would CNN be covering anything else? And it’s interesting that you mention about the difference between the conservative and liberal campuses, well you’ve hit upon something there and it’s that it doesn’t need to be this way and it’s this way because of politics. And if I hadn’t been on the frontline of this stuff I’d consider myself a conspiracy theorist but I can tell you from the way that we have observed, my tour manager and my security teams, have observed local police departments, elected officials and university administrators effectively colluding to sabotage these events. Deciding on policing strategies that almost guarantee the events will not proceed or something awful will happen outside, these people are responsible for the violence that happened outside UW Seattle, these people are responsible for the cancellation of UC Davis, these people are responsible for what happened most spectacularly, in a technical sense, in Berkeley.”

MILO continued, “Because what they’re doing is insisting that the police follow procedures that almost guarantee there will be violence and guarantee the event will not proceed, that is direct violation of their first amendment commitment.”

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