Nashville Scene Reporter Smears MILO as ‘Literal Neo-Nazi’ During ‘MILO Bill’ Press Conference

Milo Cal Poly 2

Nashville Scene reporter Cari Wade Gervin smeared Breitbart Senior Editor MILO as “neo-Nazi” during the press conference announcing a proposed free speech on college campuses bill named after him.

“Representative Hensley said this bill is not about protecting hate speech on campus, but that’s exactly what Milo is about,” claimed Gervin during “The Milo Bill” press conference, which was live streamed. “I mean he’s a literal neo-Nazi.”

“The First Amendment operates in the perimeter set by the Supreme Court,” replied Rep. Martin Daniel. “We’re not trying to expand the protection of the First Amendment, we’re just asking that universities and university administrators abide by and respect the First Amendment. That’s all.”

“So neo-Nazis on campus are cool?” responded Gervin.

“Well, you say he’s a neo-Nazi,” said Rep. Joey Hensley. “Other people don’t say that same thing, but everyone has the right for their opinion.”

Throughout the press conference, Gervin mocked and insulted other attendees and speakers on her Twitter account, which features a feminist “male tears” cover picture.


“A girl who can’t pronounce audacity correctly is reading a dumb statement from Milo rn,” wrote Gervin in one tweet. “We’ve got Scottie Hughes, another dumb spox, giving a speech now,” she added in another.

In one tweet, Gervin called a college Republican “douchey,” and a “poor lil baby.”

Just last week, Gervin also declared on Twitter that “banning old straight white men would solve a whole lot of problems.”

After Breitbart Tech reached out to Gervin and asked whether she stood by her smear against MILO, she responded with an article from The Stranger attempting to paint MILO as a white nationalist while admitting he isn’t one and refused to provide any extra comment. She went on to label MILO as a “noted white supremacist” while mocking the bill in an article for the Nashville Scene.

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