VERY FAKE NEWS: Lying CNN Smears MILO as ‘White Supremacist,’ Accuses Bill Maher of ‘Mainstreaming Hate’

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Wikimedia Commons / Dean Obeidallah

CNN has published a smear-ridden piece about MILO on their website, written by Daily Beast columnist, comedian and radio host Dean Obeidallah. The piece, which brazenly labels MILO a “white supremacist” and accuses him of wearing Nazi symbols.

The piece opens by incorrectly claiming that MILO is part of the alt-right, which Obeidallah suggests is synonymous with white supremacism.

By inviting “alt right” (aka white supremacist) darling Milo Yiannopoulos (known as “Milo”) onto his HBO show Friday night, Bill Maher could’ve seized a great opportunity to expose Yiannopoulos’ history of hate. After all, Yiannopoulos has spewed so much toxic garbage that he was permanently banned by Twitter in 2016, which says a lot, considering the cesspool that swirls on that platform.

It goes on to argue that MILO once wore a “Nazi Iron Cross,” despite the fact that the Iron Cross is not a Nazi symbols, as even the Anti-Defamation League has acknowledged. Also known as a Teutonic Cross, the symbol is used by a number of subcultures including skaters and goths, as well as the modern-day German military.

So when Maher faced Yiannopoulos on Friday, did the HBO host press him on his view that college rape culture is a fiction and that women are often lying when they report being raped? Did Maher ask him about his anti-Semitic comment that “Jews run the media,” or did he ask why Yiannopoulos wore a Nazi Iron Cross when he was younger? Did Maher press him on his demonization of transgender people as, in essence, sexual predators?

The article then goes on to attack Maher for agreeing with MILO on the problem of Islam.

You know, there’s nothing nicer than seeing two people who appear to be on different ends of the political spectrum bond over how much they dislike Islam, right? And no question: Maher and Yiannopoulos do indeed appear to be in lockstep when it comes to Muslims. Yiannopoulos, writing that “America has a Muslim problem” has conflated all Muslims with ISIS and has even defended loathing of Muslims with the comment, “fear of Islam is entirely rational.”
Maher has echoed that very sentiment with his own comment about Islam that, “The more you know, the more you would be afraid.” And Maher was even praised by the alt-right Breitbart, where Yiannopoulos works as editor, for his remark in 2015, “I think that Islam is a problem.”


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