Report: Miami Dealer Supplied PEDs to A-Rod, Nelson Cruz

Report: Miami Dealer Supplied PEDs to A-Rod, Nelson Cruz
In a thorough investigation, a Miami newspaper discovered prominent Major League Baseball players like Alex Rodriguez, Nelson Cruz, and possibly Gio Gonzalez have been directly linked to a Miami dealer who reportedly distributed performance-enhancing drugs to them. 

The Miami New Times reported on Tuesday that Anthony Bosch distributed “large amounts of human growth hormone, synthetic testosterone and other cocktails of PEDs to players” such as Rodriguez and Crus. 

An MLB official told Yahoo! Sports that the league believes this scandal “will grow into a doping scandal that could rival the BALCO case that tarnished Barry Bonds.”

Rodriguez, in records given to the New Times, was listed as “Alex Rodriguez” “Alex Rod” or “Cacique.” Rodriguez, according to the report, “received HGH, testosterone cream and insulin-like growth factor,” which are all banned substances in baseball. Rodriguez was also reportedly given “troches,” describe as lozenges that contain “15 percent testosterone, and other types of growth hormone.”

According to the report, Rodriguez’s account was “paid through April 30th” of 2012.

Cruz, of the Texas Rangers, was referred to as “Mohamad.” He reportedly paid Bosch $4,000 in July of 2012.

The report also links Washington Nationals pitcher Gio Gonzalez, but “Gonzalez’s father, Max, said he was the one working with Bosch to lose weight.”