Twins Headlined by Longtime Star in Rebuilding Year

Twins Headlined by Longtime Star in Rebuilding Year

WhileJoe Mauer continues to be the face of the Minnesota Twins as he has foryears, the team he leads looks different and like less of a threat thanit has in years past. Coming off two poor seasons, the prognosis forthe Twins figures to be little better in 2013.

The catcher, who also moonlights at first base and designated hitter, hit .319 with 10 HR and 85 RBI last season.

BeyondMauer, veteran left fielder Josh Willingham hopes to improve upon acareer season last year that saw him knock 35 HRs and 110 RBIs. The restof the outfield looks to be lacking in experience.

Forthe Twins, first baseman Justin Morneau provides the only othersignificant hitting presence. Morneau hit 19 HRs and had 77 RBIs whilebatting .267.

Therotation of the Twins is in even worse shape than their batting orderas their pitching remains unsettled and inexperienced. Headliner ScottDiamond, who went 12-9 last season, may not be available at the start ofhis sophomore season as he recovers from surgery.

Reliefpitching, however, may be the strength of the Twins as Jared Burton andGlen Perkins handled set-up and closing duties nicely.

Overall,the Twins have a young staff and will feature several young playerswhile also highlighting contributions of veterans like Mauer andMorneau. This team may have a promising future, but it is unlikely thatit will be evident in 2013.