Jalen Rose Calls Out Chris Webber for Skipping Fab 5 Reunion

Jalen Rose Calls Out Chris Webber for Skipping Fab 5 Reunion

Former Michigan basketball star Jalen Rose called out fellow “Fab Five” member Chris Webber on Monday for bailing out on the Fab Five’s reunion on Monday at the Georgia Dome when Michigan plays Louisville for the NCAA title, which is the first time Michigan has played in the title game since the Fab Five’s appearance in the 1993 game. 

“I could understand if he was homeless and living under a bridge,” Rose said while noting Webber lives in Atlanta and works for Turner Sports, which broadcasts the NCAA tournament along with CBS.  

As Fox Sports noted, “Webber has been estranged from Michigan since a booster scandal stung the school with sanctions, which included banning him from contact with the program for 10 years.”

And while that ban officially ends next month, Webber, according to Fox Sports, could attend the game as a fan. 

When asked if Webber just wanted to avoid answering questions at the reunion, Rose said, “That would apply to someone who doesn’t make a living working for the media.”

Rose and Webber grew up together, but their relationship has not been as good as it had been in recent years.

Rose, Webber, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, and Ray Jackson made up the Fab Five that electrified college basketball in the early 1990s. They lost the 1993 title game to North Carolina when Webber infamously called a timeout the team did not have in the waning seconds. 

Some have criticized Rose for going public with the dispute, which he first did on the podcast of his ESPN co-host Bill Simmons on Sunday, and for putting Michigan’s Fab Five team that did not win a championship above Michigan’s 1989 team that won the title.