Is Deep QB Class 'Crappy'?

Is Deep QB Class 'Crappy'?

Many, including myself, have questioned whether there was elite talent among this quarterback class. Now, the criticisms for the quarterback class has been taken to an all-time high with an NFC talent evaluator anonymously referring to the class as “crappy” in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The headliner for the quarterback class is Geno Smith who could go in the top ten overall to the Jaguars, Eagles, Bills, or Jets. However, if he falls below New York, Smith could tumble as far as the second round where he is projected in the most recent Breitbart Sports Mock Draft.

Despite much of the attention being on Smith, E.J. Manuel, Matt Barkely, and Ryan Nassib each have supporters that feel they may be the best quarterback in the class.

While it is nearly impossible to make an open and shut case that any quarterback in this class could develop into an elite signal caller at the next level, the depth of this class makes it hard to see this class as “crappy.”

In addition to the aforementioned four, Landry Jones, Tyler Wilson, Zac Dysert, Tyler Bray, Mike Glennon, and Matt Scott have the potential to develop into a NFL starters. While many fans will cringe if their team decides to draft a quarterback in Round 1, there is tremendous value for teams willing to wait until Round 3 to select a quarterback they are willing to groom as a future impact player.