Poor Results Make Charlie Weis a Rich Man

Poor Results Make Charlie Weis a Rich Man

Charlie Weis’s tenure as head coach at the University of Notre Dame was, for the most part, a failure and led to his firing in 2009. However, in the world of college athletics, being a terrible football coach can often make one quite wealthy.

Thus far, Weis has received $10.8 million from the university since his dismissal and is due to continue receiving payments until 2015. The final total Weis is expected to reap as a result of his firing is nearly $19 million.

Currently, Weis is now coaching for the Kansas Jayhawks. Nevertheless, he makes more money from the Fighting Irish than head coach Brian Kelly, who took the team to the BCS Championship last season, basketball head coach Mike Brey, who has had success at the university, and Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick.