Kim Jong-Un Orders Ski Resort to Be Built

Kim Jong-Un Orders Ski Resort to Be Built

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un cannot even feed his people, but he has ordered his military to construct a world class ski resort to rival South Korea’s facilities for the 2018 Winter Olympics that are under construction.

According to reports:

Kim ordered the military to speed up construction to have the facility operational for next winter, telling state media, “A skiing wave will seize the country.” But most outsiders remain dumbfounded by the project. Who would actually go to the ski resort, they wonder, and will it be safe? Moreover, a UN-imposed ban on luxury goods could make it difficult for Pyongyang to import any skiing equipment to actually get people on the slopes.

The North Korean state media agency reported:

“He was greatly satisfied to learn that soldier-builders have constructed a skiing area on mountain ranges covering hundreds of thousands of square meters, including primary, intermediate and advanced courses with almost 110,000 meters (68.3 miles) in total length and 40-120 meters (130-400 feet) in width … [Kim] said it is necessary to build not only rest places, but first aid stations at starting, middle and final points of the courses, and establish an automatic cableway monitoring system for a real time watch so as to take measures to prevent accidents.”

According to reports, Kim learned to ski while he attended boarding school in Switzerland.