Ohio State Pres. Mocks SEC: They Need to Learn How to "Read and Write'

Ohio State Pres. Mocks SEC: They Need to Learn How to "Read and Write'

At a December meeting in which he said the “damn Catholics” at Notre Dame could not be trusted and mocked the university’s fathers for being “holy on Sunday” and “holy hell” the rest of the week, Ohio State president Gordon Gee also mocked the Southeastern Conference, which has won the last seven BCS national titles. 

“You tell the SEC when they can learn to read and write, then they can figure out what we’re doing,” Gee said according to a recording obtained by the Associated Press through a public records request.

Gee, a Mormon, was reportedly responding to a question from the audience about what he had to say to SEC fans who were mocking the “Big 10” for having 14 schools in the conference. The SEC resoundingly pummels the Big Ten conference in football with speed and power, much to the chagrin of the schools in the league. 

The Ohio State president who has had a history of sticking his foot in his mouth used to be a chancellor at Vanderbilt University, which is a part of the SEC, and he eliminated the athletic department there. 

It is also worth noting that former Alabama quarterback Greg McElroy was a finalist for the Rhodes Scholarship during the 2010 season and many SEC schools have the nation’s top academic All-Americans. 

Ohio State’s head coach Urban Meyer used to coach at Florida, an SEC school, and may be on a collision course with Nick Saban’s Alabama Crimson Tide this year primarily because of the Big 10’s weak conference schedule. Gee’s comments will add even more intrigue to the upcoming college football season.