"Racist" Behavior to be Punished by Soccer Officials

"Racist" Behavior to be Punished by Soccer Officials

World soccer’s governing body passed a resolution Friday setting up stricter penalties for “racist” behavior.  FIFA’s congress passed the resolution in response to several matches it deemed were plagued by racist behavior from players and fans. 

FIFA president Sepp Blatter told the AP, “We are doing something now.” 

The anti-racism measures apply to the teams, as well as their fans.  Penalties include relegation to a lesser league, having points deducted, banishment from tournaments, and lengthy suspensions.

The new penalties build on the work of FIFA’s anti racism task force, headed by FIFA VP Jeffrey Webb. 

The measure passed with the overwhelming support of FIFA members, garnering 99% of the organization’s 200 votes.  Its three major principles as stated: education, prevention, and sanctions.  Upon its introduction and passage, the measure received a standing ovation.