Kevin Ware Eyes Return From Gruesome Final Four Injury

Kevin Ware Eyes Return From Gruesome Final Four Injury

When Kevin Ware fell to the floor in the Louisville Cardinals’s Elite Eight game against Duke, it was one of those injuries that caused the sports world to gasp in horror. The bone. The broken skin. The agonizing scream. His teammates sporting thousand-yard stares. Rick Pitino quietly brushing back tears. 

His injury served as a rallying point for Louisville, who went on to win the National Championship. Ware watched the Final Four games at court level, literally, as he sprawled out on the sidelines in a full-leg cast, helpless to do more than lay there and cheer.

Now, Ware is eyeing a return to basketball. This year. 

He took to Twitter recently to answer a fan’s question of when he should be “fully healed and ready to go.” His answer: October.

The man who many feared might never again walk with a normal gait says his injury is healing faster than expected and that doctors are telling him he should be back to 100% by October.

Ware still hasn’t seen the replay or pictures of the injury. That’s not surprising. It was a full twenty years before Joe Theismann watched a replay of Lawrence Taylor end his career with a shot to his leg, setting the standard for jaw-dropping sports injuries. 

Theismann reached out to Ware shortly after his injury, the two seemingly joined at the shattered leg in sports infamy. However, Ware’s comments this week signal he may be close to doing something Theismann never did. Return.