Soledad O'Brien Joining HBO's 'Real Sports'

Soledad O'Brien Joining HBO's 'Real Sports'
Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien, whom new CNN boss Jeff Zucker reportedly ousted, is now joining HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.”
The network has even signed a “first look” deal with O’Brien’s production company, and she will likely produce programming for the network similar to her “Black in America” documentaries for CNN.
As Mediabistro notes, O’Brien is actually coming back to or staying in the Turner family of networks for HBO and CNN are sister networks under the Turner Broadcasting umbrella, which is owned by Time Warner. CNN also plays HBO documentaries, as Mediabistro noted. 
CNN recently hired ESPN’s Rachel Nichols to anchor a weekend sports show, so there may be some overlap there as well. 
Gumbel, the host of “Real Sports,” said O’Brien, who was caught reading left-wint talking points on air during CNN’s 2012 election coverage, is a “respected journalist with a proven track record.”
Said O’Brien: “HBO is undeniably a leader in meaningful storytelling in a wide array of formats. I’m honored to join the REAL SPORTS team and look forward to continuing my fervor for uncovering unique and impactful stories.”

Last month, O’Brien criticized white people for criticizing her “Black in America” specials. 

“First of all, it’s only white people who ever said that — ‘if we could just see beyond race. If only people didn’t see race, it would be such a better place, and you are responsible for bringing up these icky race issues, Soledad, you should just let sleeping dogs lie,'” O’Brien said.

The jury is still out on whether O’Brien will understand sports as well as she does Critical Race Theory or be as fair in her coverage as she was at CNN.