Property of Vince Young Seized to Pay Debts

Property of Vince Young Seized to Pay Debts

Vince Young is most remembered for eluding college football defenders en route to a BCS National Championship and a runner-up finish for the Heisman Trophy. Unfortunately for Young, he has not been able to elude his debts.

Officers from Harris County in Texas reportedly entered Young’s home last week to seize his possessions in preparation to auction them off as payment for a $1.7 million debt. 

The former star with the Longhorns who went on to a rocky NFL career with the Titans, Eagles, and Bills took out a high-risk loan from Pro Player Funding in 2011. Currently out of the league, Young has been unable to pay it back and will only be able to keep $60,000 worth of his belongings.

These financial woes come despite signing a rookie contract with the Tennessee Titans that was worth $26 million in guaranteed money.