SEC, American Athletic Stock Up; Pac-12, ACC Down

SEC, American Athletic Stock Up; Pac-12, ACC Down

Through the first weekend of play, all six BCS Conferences had mixed results. The SEC and American Athletic Conference (old Big East) saw their stock improve slightly, while the Pac-12 and ACC saw theirs drop slightly. The breakdown of the bragging rights–and low lights, are listed for all six BCS Conferences below. The records against other BCS teams were: SEC 4-2, Big Ten 2-1, Big 12 2-1, Notre Dame 1-0, American Athletic (old Big East) 1-2, ACC 1-3, Pac 12 0-2.

However, part of the evaluations are impacted by losses to FCS teams.

The rankings of the BCS Conferences (see preseason breakdown of teams here) are still: 1) SEC, 2) Big 12, 3) Pac 12, 4) Big Ten, 5) ACC and 6) American Athletic. However the American Athletic nudged a little closer to the ACC this week on the play of Cincinnati and Louisville, the latter of which will be in the ACC next year.

American Athletic Conference – STOCK UP

Potential Cincy-Louisville title game more important than losses

1-2 vs. BCS foes

Good News: The most important news is at the top where the top two teams both won by 28 points MORE than expected. Cincinnati blitzed Big 10’s Purdue (42-7) and Louisville looked every bit the national contender with a 49-7 win over Ohio. Central Florida also feasted on an Ohio team, 38-7 over Akron. An easy opponent, but Houston’s 62-13 win over Southern demonstrated the offense the conference hoped for.

Bad News: South Florida blitzed 53-21 by FCS McNeese St, and UConn lost 33-18 to Towson. SMU was expected to put up more of a fight against TCU (23-41 loss).

Neutral: Temple’s 6-28 loss to Notre Dame was actually a couple of points better than expected. Rutgers just missed going into Fresno State for a win, losing 51-52 in OT.


Clemson the biggest of three nice wins, but UNC-Syracuse-Va Tech pull down

1-3 vs. BCS

Good News: Clemson had the win of the day over SEC’s Georgia. NC State looked impressive over Louisiana Tech, winning 40-14. Virginia had a nice 19-16 win over BYU.

Bad News: Not much fight in UNC’s 10-27 loss to South Carolina

Neutral: Syracuse lost 17-23 at Penn State, and Virginia Tech’s 10-35 loss to Alabama was expected. The rest of the conference played cream puffs.


Northwestern’s win offset by Purdue and Iowa poor showings

2-1 vs. BCS

Good News: Northwestern’s solid 44-30 win on the west coast vs. Cal justifies the #22 ranking. Penn State’s solid win against ACC’s Syracuse. Michigan and Wisconsin showed firepower against weak opponents.

Bad News: Purdue’s 7-42 drubbing in what should have been a close game at Big East’s Cincinnati. Iowa upset by Northern Illinois 27-30, and Nebraska barely surviving Wyoming 37-34.

Neutral: Others handled weak opponents.


Mixed bag of great wins, firepower and stunning losses

2-1 vs. BCS

Good News: Oklahoma State 11 points better than expected in 21-3 win over SECs Mississippi State. Texas Tech’s easy 41-23 win at American Athletic’s SMU. Texas, Oklahoma and Baylor all showed tons of fire power.

Bad News: K-State will drop from Top 10 after stunning 21-24 loss to FCS’s North Dakota State. Iowa State stunned by FCS Northern Iowa 20-28. West Virginia barely surviving FCS William and Mary 24-17.

Neutral: TCU’s 27-37 just what was expected at LSU.


0-2 vs. BCS – Oregon State stunned, Cal and WSU losses, STOCK DOWN

Good News: Utah survives Utah State 30-26. Oregon putting up 66-3 good, even though just against Nicholls State. UCLA won 58-20 over Nevada.

Bad News: Oregon State first ranked team to ever lose to FCS team, 46-49 to Eastern Washington. Cal two-touchdown home loss to Northwestern.

Neutral: Washington State’s 24-31 loss at Auburn respectable for having gone cross-country, though a missed opportunity to back up coaches assertion bottom of Pac-12 was better than bottom of SEC.


LSU, Alabama, and South Carolina dominance offset Mississippi State, Georgia performances

4-2 vs. BCS

Good News: South Carolina living up to billing with 27-10 win over ACC’s UNC. LSU 37-27 vs. TCU in Texas about what expected, but still BCS win away from home. Alabama’s 35-10 over ACC’s Virginia Tech about what was expected, but shows the gap.

Bad News: #5 Georgia lost biggest game of the weekend to ACC’s Clemson 35-38. Mississippi State getting handled so easily by Big 12’s Oklahoma State, 3-21. Kentucky upset by Western Kentucky 26-35.

Neutral: Auburn’s 31-24 over Washington State not quite the 10-point margin predicted at home, but still a BCS win after Cougars’ coach said bottom of Pac-12 was better than bottom of SEC. Ole Miss over Vandy in conference game, others handled weaker foes easily.