An Era Ends Before it Begins in Oakland

An Era Ends Before it Begins in Oakland

When the Raiders dealt for Matt Flynn this offseason, they thought they were trading for the quarterback that would help them begin a new era as the franchise moves on from the abysmal last years of the late Al Davis. Just a few weeks into the season, however, that era is over with Flynn starting only one game for Oakland due to an injury to the man who beat him out.

The Raiders released Flynn Monday.

Flynn, the former LSU standout, received rave reviews from his limited tenure with the Green Bay Packers where Raiders GM Reggie McKenzie was prior to coming to Oakland. His journey then led him to Seattle where he lost the starting job to Russell Wilson.

He suffered a similar fate this season when he was beaten Terrelle Pryor, and his release after an abysmal preseason and one start signifies the Raiders’ eagerness to move beyond the player for whom they invested $6.5 million and a fifth round draft pick.

For the signal caller, his days as a viable starter are clearly done, and he may have a difficult time landing on his feet. The victor in the battle for the starting job, Terrelle Pyor, has, on the other hand, established himself as a potential long term starter for the 2-3 Raiders.