Palin, Others Highlight Operation Giveback Vets Who Ran in Relay for Fallen Heroes

Palin, Others Highlight Operation Giveback Vets Who Ran in Relay for Fallen Heroes

We all get lazy sometimes. We choose the elevator over the stairs. We drive a short distance when we could easily walk. If you need a little motivation to get moving, here’s some inspiration from a group called Operation Giveback. 

Recently, Wounded Warriors, retired and active military members, Gold Star family members, and patriotic civilians took part in an ambitious race. It’s called the Ragnar Relay and through it money is raised for injured service members, their families, and kids who have lost a parent in battle.

Former Gov. Alaska Palin urged Americans to learn about the Ragnar Relay “for some inspiration and a reminder of how to push through pain and inconvenience and not complain or make excuses.”

A group of vets with Operation Giveback took part in a charity relay-style race called Ragnar “to help raise awareness and resources for the families and children of fallen heroes. Every year they raise enough money to provide Christmas presents for Orphans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.” Many of the vets participating in the run were wounded warriors, and their dedication is especially inspiring.

The event, just like the participants, is tough. It stretched from Cumberland, Maryland to Washington, D.C. Operation Giveback selflessly goes that extra mile for others. Military along with men, women, and children that love our troops are directly affecting the lives of those in need.  
Each year the group raises resources to deliver Christmas presents to children who lost a mom or dad in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
People are taking notice. JD Morgan, lead singer of the band Missing Stateside supports the cause. As an Air Force veteran Operation Giveback hits home with him. Morgan even let his high profile cousin in on the group and she is now spreading the word as well. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin posted information about Operation Giveback on Facebook in hopes of drumming up more support.  
Ivan Moreno works with a subcontractor in the defense industry providing products and services to the Army training community. In the last three years through his job, Moreno has encountered numerous former and active U.S. Army personnel. “I have met real heroes,” Moreno told Breitbart Sports. “Wounded Warriors and Gold Star families. I have heard their testaments of sacrifice, loss, and heroism directly from their mouth.” Then Moreno sprang into action.
“Since I have no military background I wanted to do something and give back to this community,” Moreno said. “When I learned about this Operation Giveback for Wounded Warriors program and its worthy cause I felt compelled to get involved.”
He’s done just that. Moreno has been participating ever since he was introduced to Operation Giveback. He runs the Ragnar Relay. “I met the OGB Wounded Warrior family during the 2012 Army Ball in Orlando, Florida,” said Moreno. A solid partnership formed.
Moreno tells Breitbart Sports that lifelong lessons can be learned from this group. He quotes Pirates great Roberto Clemente to express his feelings. “Anytime you have an opportunity to make a difference in this world and you don’t, then you are wasting your time on earth,” Moreno said.
Operation Giveback for Wounded Warriors Inc. is a nonprofit organization that was created by veterans of Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom. Along with the Ragnar Relay, the group also hosts a golf tournament and other athletic events, all to benefit the families of our American heroes.
If you would be so generous to help Operation Giveback, please visit the following link for donations:
Our vets, many of whom are injured, push themselves mentally and physically all to help the children and families of their fallen military brothers and sisters. To say it is difficult would be an understatement, but they do it anyway. That’s patriotism is its purest form. Still want to take the elevator?