Report: Dolphins Face December 2 Deadline on Incognito

Report: Dolphins Face December 2 Deadline on Incognito

The Miami Dolphins will have to make a decision on Richie Incognito no later than December 2. 

ProFootballTalk has the details: 

Per a league source with knowledge of the situation, Incognito’s suspension for conduct detrimental to the Dolphins is indefinite. Under the labor deal between the NFL and the players’ union, however, the suspension can last a maximum of four games.

This means that, unless the Dolphins suspend Incognito for fewer than four games, the Dolphins will have to decide what to do with him by Monday, December 2 — the day after the fourth game of any suspension.

The options are limited. The Dolphins will have to reinstate him to the roster or cut him.  (In theory, he also could be suspended again, if he gives them grounds to do so.)

If the Dolphins cut Incognito on December 2, there is reportedly one team interested in his services. In addition, there are other teams that may be interested in Incognito next season if the Dolphins do not re-sign him.