Lance Armstrong: I Would Still Dope if I Could Do It over Again

Lance Armstrong: I Would Still Dope if I Could Do It over Again

Disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong said if he could do it all over again, he would still cheat.

Armstrong, who got his seven Tour de France titles taken away after he admitted that he doped to win every one of those championships, even allegedly bribed an Italian cyclist with $100,000 in an Italian cake box to throw a race for him. 

Armstrong told ESPN that all of the riders were doping and he and his team were just doing it less. And that is why he told the magazine that he would still dope if he had to do it all over again. 

“I knew what my competitors were doing. We [his U.S. Postal Service team] were doing less,” Armstrong told ESPN Magazine. “We were more conservative, and that’s the reason we were never going to be caught.”

Armstrong said the USDA and international doping agencies singled him out because he was a bigger jerk than everyone else. 

“This is a story because I was a bigger a–h—. Because I was more litigious. Because I was more combative. … And I’ve heard from a lot of people who say, ‘You made all the money, you got all the fame, you deserve this.’ And I hear that, and I understand that people think that way. But it’s not consistent with what USADA has said,” he said. 

He also implied that because everyone was doping, he actually was not cheating. 

“To say that he cheated his competitors? Ask them! Ask my competitors,” he said. 


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