Down Syndrome Hoops Star Highlighted By Sarah Palin Back In The Spotlight

Down Syndrome Hoops Star Highlighted By Sarah Palin Back In The Spotlight

My favorite three-point shooter is back in the spotlight. This weekend, Owen Groesser will be featured on ESPN in a brand new segment, highlighting his accomplishments and the impact he’s had on others. Owen doesn’t have as many three pointers as Ray Allen nor does he shoot as high of a percentage as Stephen Curry, but his threes meant more than anybody’s to his family, friends, and a community.

Earlier this year while playing for the Van Hoosen Middle School Vikings, Owen, an eighth grader, gained some well deserved national attention. After draining two threes in the team’s final game of the season, Owen was on TV and on the radio. He got to meet the Detroit Pistons up close and personal. His accomplishments were even highlighted by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

These shots did not win a championship. They didn’t even win a game. So why the fuss? Because Owen’s on-court performance speaks to what a great young man he is off the court. It’s about hard work and belief. It transcends sports.

Owen wasn’t even supposed to play that day. All season he served as the Vikings manager. But his coach decided to give him a chance. Owen, who has Down Syndrome, was more than ready.

The secret to Owen’s success is simple. “I never give up,” he told Breitbart Sports.

The ESPN feature on Owen Groesser will focus on his big baskets and the reaction from his loved ones and neighbors. Here’s a clue as to how popular the long range assassin is around town…they call him “The Mayor.” Owen lifts up others while lifting himself. He makes people smile. A wonderful gift when he first took the court back in April and especially now during the Christmas season.

The segment with Owen is scheduled to run for the first time at 10 AM Eastern on SportsCenter, then repeat several times later.

Those who tune in will see what Owen’s family and community already know. He is a unequivocally a positive. All children are. Children with Down Syndrome and without. The born and unborn. They are special and true gifts. Owen happens to use basketball to showcase his warmth and love for life. Others do the same thing without sports. Keep an eye open and you’ll see it too. Make sure you catch the piece on Owen. As Palin put it when his big night on the hardwood went viral…”today’s world needs more of this!”