Seahawks Coach, Players: Super Bowl 2014 Great, But Jesus Better

Seahawks Coach, Players: Super Bowl 2014 Great, But Jesus Better

As our church service came to an end today, our pastor asked if we’d like to stay a bit longer to see a quick video featuring some of the Seattle Seahawks. Everyone seemed interested. This despite the fact that Broncos gear far outweighed any Seahawks swag in the chapel. Heck, the Bears, Chiefs, and Eagles were better represented than the team from the great northwest. Still, the congregation was ready to give the film a chance. Everyone was pleased that they did.

The video featured Pastor Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church interviewing four Seahawks players and one assistant coach. They didn’t discuss how to stop Denver’s high-octane offense, nor anything else to do with Xs and Os. Rather the five men, just one win away from the pinnacle of their profession were talking about their faith in Jesus Christ and how it intertwines with their high profile lives.
Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, offensive tackle Russell Okung, safety Chris Maragos, long snapper Clint Gresham, and defensive passing game coordinator Rocky Seto, all tackled questions like “Who is Jesus?” There were no “dumb jocks” to be found. Instead, insightful, thoughtful answers from intelligent, spiritual men.
Each expressed their feelings for Jesus Christ and the amazing love they receive from Him day in and day out. Everyone in the church watched intently. Some tears were shed. Smiles were everywhere. It didn’t matter what team you wanted to win today. That was the point. There are things bigger than football. Even the best in the business can see it.
The biggest reaction came after a comment made by Seto. “Jesus is better than the Super Bowl,” he said. This from a man one win away from a ring. The Seahawks players nodded in agreement. Churchgoers clapped. All were rooting for the Seahawks at that moment, even though for some that would not be the case later in the day.
Seto went on to say if the Seahawks were ever to win it all, he’d be sure to tell everyone that, “Jesus is still better.”
For those who are not Broncos or Seahawks fans and may be indifferent when it comes to the outcome of Super Bowl  XLVIII, consider this. There are some really wonderful men on both teams. Athletes who excel on and off the field. Many want to see Peyton Manning get one more championship. The great Manning has been the face of the game for years. His praise is certainly warranted. That said, it sure is hard to root against the Seahawks. From the incredible perseverance of Derrick Coleman, the first deaf offensive player in NFL history to these five men of God that captivated my church today, Seattle has the ‘it’ factor.
Today’s game pits the league’s best offense against the league’s best defense. No matter how you slice it, it should be a close one. If the Seahawks prevail though, it’ll sure be fun hearing some of the newly crowned kings of football make it crystal clear that while winning the title is great, their King, Jesus Christ is still better.    


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