Incognito Fined Himself $200 for 'Breaking' Martin, Begged Teammate to Destroy 'Fine Book'

Incognito Fined Himself $200 for 'Breaking' Martin, Begged Teammate to Destroy 'Fine Book'

Richie Incognito fined himself $200 for “breaking” Jonathan Martin after he left the team last year in the team’s Kangaroo Court, and then he pleaded with a teammate to destroy the evidence once he realized there could be an investigation into his alleged bullying.

According to the report released by Ted Wells on Friday:

Moreover, shortly after Martin left the team, Incognito made a number of telling entries in a notebook used to keep track of “fines” the offensive linemen imposed on each other in their “kangaroo court” (typically for trivial infractions such as arriving late to meetings). Incognito recorded a $200 fine against himself for “breaking Jmart,” awarded another lineman who had been verbally taunted a $250 bonus for “not cracking first,” and wrote down a number of penalties against Martin for acting like a “pussy.” The evidence shows, and Incognito did not dispute, that “breaking Jmart” meant causing Martin to have an emotional reaction in response to taunting. Approximately one week after Martin left the team, on November 3, 2013, Incognito wrote nearly identical text messages to Pouncey and another lineman: “They’re going to suspend me Please destroy the fine  book first thing in the morning.” We view Incognito’s entries in the fine book about “breaking Jmart” and his attempt to destroy the fine book–which was unsuccessful–as evidence demonstrating his awareness that he had engaged in improper conduct toward Martin.