Four Years a Slave: Brandon Spikes Blasts Playing Under Bill Belichick

Four Years a Slave: Brandon Spikes Blasts Playing Under Bill Belichick

How many millions did Kunta Kinte sign for? 

The New England Patriots awarded Brandon Spikes a $960,000 signing bonus upon reaching a deal with the linebacker four years ago. Now the new Buffalo Bills linebacker calls his time under coach Bill Belichick “4 years a slave.”  

That Bill boasts a 25-3 record against those Bills since his tenure began in New England in 2000. The Patriots placed Spikes on injured reserve in the playoffs despite Spikes insisting he wasn’t injured. A late arrival to a team meeting precipitated the IR designation. Despite the Pats dropping just one of their last twenty-one to Buffalo, Spikes aims to reinvigorate the rivalry.

“Great games on the schedule for 2014,” Spikes tweeted Wednesday, “but it’s going to be like Christmas to hand the #Patriots #PatriotsNation a L…twice! #BILLSMAFIA.” He continued in a spree of decidedly un-Patriotic posts, “I’m deff gonna knock out a bish!!!” Even the fans who once cheered him weren’t safe from his bitter Twitter account: “Busy blocking every single #MassHole.”

Now that the large linebacker has signed with the Buffalo Bills, he exercises the freedom of speech he didn’t enjoy in lock-lipped New England. His most controversial tweet likened his tenure in New England to slavery. Spikes signed a four-year, $3.2 million contract with the Patriots in 2010. “He’s extremely pleased,” his agent told the Boston Herald in those happier days. “He’s ready to go play football and be a good Patriot.”