Country Music Star, Wild Man, Philanthropy Featured on 'Amazing America with Sarah Palin'

Country Music Star, Wild Man, Philanthropy Featured on 'Amazing America with Sarah Palin'

Another double dip of fun. “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” delivers again after two more entertaining episodes air on the Sportsman Channel. The latest installments featured a country music star, a wildly successful wild man, and heartwarming stories of philanthropy.
Palin hosts each show, offering narration and commentary. The former Alaska governor is shown wearing a Sportsman Channel T-shirt and a Girls With Guns top emblazoned with antlers. She also kicks it out to her posse on location in different states. 
In the week’s first show, funny man and field host Jerry Carroll meets up with country singer Craig Morgan. It wasn’t easy. Morgan’s home in Tennessee is off the beaten path. When Carroll gets there though he is treated to a day filled with a little bit of everything.
Carroll tells Morgan that while he is one of his favorite country artists, and it’s Morgan’s love of the outdoors that is most admirable. Morgan then gives the viewers a heaping serving of some of his favorite activities. First Morgan dons a beekeeper suit and shows off his honey bees. Then, we are invited into the Morgan man cave which is filled with stuffed gators, bears, deer, and more. A taxidermy oasis if you will.
One of the great appeals of Morgan for a Palin show is his service to our country. The Army vet shows his various medals, not to mention his box overflowing with knives. Some of them are handmade by Morgan from old lawn mower blades.
Later the guys shoot some guns including an AR-15. After firing away Carroll quipped,”If that doesn’t get your blood flowing, you ain’t got no blood in ya.” Carroll then takes in a live performance featuring Morgan in Nashville. An enjoyable get together for Carroll and Morgan as well as for all of those watching.
Next up, a stop in Illinois to meet Jonah White, a man who lived in a cave for the better part of 1994, only to become a success story in the weirdest of ways. White is the creator of Billy Bob Teeth, those gnarly looking chompers that people pop in for costume parties or just to get their hillbilly on. Field host Mark Christopher Lawrence discovers White’s false teeth are the most tame thing about him.
After visiting White’s old outdoor residence, Lawrence goes to White’s current abode. Immediately he meets Torton, White’s pet tortoise and various other animals—alive and dead. Among White’s prized possessions — the remains of a timberwolf he hunted and ultimately shot in Canada. White then introduced us to Nibbles, his pet bear. Lawrence told White he may have been in the cave “too long.” After meeting big Nibbles, Lawrence delivered one of the funniest lines of the series thus far saying, “I knew a girl like that in college once.”   
“Both of these men truly appreciate the lives that they lead,” said Palin to close out the episode. “Lives that weren’t built without sacrifice and struggle. Jonah White is an example of so many in this great nation who start with nothing and through creativity and determination achieve success that leaves its mark on America.” 
The second show this week was all about giving back. Palin sends her field hosts out to meet some philanthropists who are making a tangible difference in people’s lives. 
Lawrence heads to Arkansas to spend some time with Nathan Circle, a businessman who provides for the hungry through the nonprofit organizations Hunters Feeding the Hungry and Hunt Fish Feed. Circle, who happens to have an indoor archery range in his house and a bevy of shot guns, collects meat from hunting trips and donates it to feed those in need. The remarkable Hunters Feeding the Hungry has been around for 14 years and over that span the group has fed three million people.
Circle even takes Lawrence on a family hunting trip. Although they came home empty handed, the segment was filled with humorous Lawrence one-liners.  
Tennessee is the backdrop for the final story of the week. The Volunteer State was a fitting place for a story all about volunteerism. Remote Area Medical is a charity that brings health care to rural areas. Dental work and eye exams are provided for those who otherwise could not afford them.
Carroll returns to pair up with RAM founder Stan Brock who’s been in the give back game for decades. RAM is so serious about providing care they’ve been known to parachute doctors into some of the most remote places. Carroll climbed aboard a C-47 that actually flew over Normandy on D-Day. A plane used in war is now saving lives. Amazing.  
The second show ends with Palin offering some inspirational words. “In America many of us are blessed with so much but not everyone is that fortunate,” Palin said. “That’s why Stan Brock and the folks at Remote Area Medical are so important. They save lives and provide for people’s basic needs so that they can live healthy lives and so that they can know that someone cares. Just like Nathan Circle is helping to lift spirits and eradicate hunger in his community. They all share the same philanthropic heart and passion for humanitarianism that is so important in our country and our world. That spirit of kindness and altruism is a legacy that we can all strive to pass down here in America.”
Another solid week of quality programming from the Sportsman Channel is in the books. “Amazing America with Sarah Palin” is offering entertainment with an inspirational message. All-American TV is gaining momentum with this program.


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