Boston Marathon Bombing Hoaxter: I Really Need Exposure

Boston Marathon Bombing Hoaxter: I Really Need Exposure

Is it a crime to be fabulous? 

“I am f—ing famous on the internet and they don’t understand,” Kayvon Edson announces in a bizarrely entertaining YouTube mini-movie. The man accused of placing a hoax device at the site of last year’s Boston Marathon calls himself “a bipolar roller.”

Boston police arrested the Wakefield, Massachusetts man on Tuesday for leaving a backpack at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Kayvon Edson’s bag, which the police detonated last night, contained a rice cooker and confetti. Cops charged the aspiring fashion designer with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, and possession of a hoax device.

On the anniversary of last year’s bombings, Edson walked barefoot down Boylston street in a black veil and body suit chanting “Boston Strong.” Kayvon’s mother–the one who named him Kevin–told the Boston Herald that her son suffers from mental illness and was off his medications. The one-man happening regarded the stunt as performance art. The 25-year-old, who bedizens his body and face with bottle caps, bird feathers, and cigarette packets, offered online that he aims “to bring the world to a more stylish and freely-dressing place.”

“I really need exposure,” he explains in an online video. “I really need to build this world that I’ve already started creating.” His website appears as an unsettling tribute to one of the Boston Marathon bombers. “Boy-o-boy,” Edson’s site says of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, “I’d pressure cook him a meal n’ bring him homo to Mama.” Elsewhere, he captions photos of the bomber “Sexy till proven innocent” and “#Boston Strong #Russian Sexy.”

“I’m a fashion designer, an entrepreneur, a performance artist, a mental patient, a blogger bloggerist, a jailbird, a college dropout, and a drag queen,” he says in one video. “Two weeks after attending Parson’s School of Design,” he confesses, “I was diagnosed bipolar.” You don’t say?

On behalf of the world, Kayvon Edson, I offer sincerest apologies for overlooking your genius at making disturbing avant garde films. Now please promise to never, ever again scare us so.