G2 Research Releases RIP .380 Ammo: Perfect For Glock 42

G2 Research Releases RIP .380 Ammo: Perfect For Glock 42

G2 Research now has Radically Invasive Projectile (RIP} .380 ammunition on the market, and like their 9mm ammo, the round lives up to the hype.

On February 7 Breitbart News reviewed G2 Research’s RIP 9mm ammunition and quickly realized it was not an average 9mm round. Fired from an H&K USP Compact it proved devastating to one target after another, especially when compared to other hollow point ammunition commonly trusted for self-defense.

The bullet has “trocar” edges that cut as the bullet spins, then break off during penetration to produce multiple wounds through body. In self-defense applications, the fragmentation is designed to send a shock wave through the attacker’s body. This is meant to provide home owners, CCW permit holders, and others with the benefit of “one shot stopping power.”

Breitbart News fired several boxes of RIP .380 ammo through a Glock 42 over the past two weeks and the ammunition demonstrated the same characteristics we saw in the 9mm: it shot accurately and transferred increased kinetic energy to the target.  We had males and females shoot the gun while loaded with RIP ammo and the results were consistent and impressive.

The ammunition’s potency, together with the Glock 42’s compactness, make for a great concealed carry combination. 

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