Donald Sterling Blames Media, Thinks Players Still Love Him

Donald Sterling Blames Media, Thinks Players Still Love Him

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling said he is not a racist, his players love him, and it was the media’s fault that he may be forced to sell his team. 

In a rambling interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Sterling claimed that his players “know I’m not a racist” and “they love me” even though Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers reportedly refused to take a phone call from him after his remarks about not wanting “black people” at his games surfaced.

“The players don’t hate me. The sponsors don’t hate me,” Sterling said, even though numerous Clippers sponsors suspended their endorsements after his remarks were aired. “The fans don’t hate me. The media hates me.” 

When asked if he really believed it was only the media that has it out for him, Sterling responded, “I believe it 100%.”

“It’s the media pushing it. People call me by the thousands giving me support,” he said while nothing nobody has approved of the comments he made. 

When asked why the players would turn their shirts inside out in protest, Sterling said, “well if one does it then the others have to do it.”

“Why wouldn’t they like me when I’m respectful?” Sterling said, saying everyone has to work and pay their bills. “We work for employer we don’t love… I contend that they still love me. They know I’m not a racist, and I’m not a racist.”

When Cooper asked him why Clippers players have not expressed their support for him publicly, Sterling said, “people are intimidated by even the thought of racism. 

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned Sterling for life and is trying to get 3/4 of the owners to force Sterling to sell the team.