Magic: 'Delusional' Sterling 'Can't Buy His Way Out of This One'

Magic: 'Delusional' Sterling 'Can't Buy His Way Out of This One'

Magic Johnson said Donald Sterling is “delusional” and players on the Clippers and in the league do not like Sterling and want him gone. 

“He can’t buy his way out of this one,” Johnson said on Tuesday in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN. “Donald Sterling is not welcome back in the NBA.”

Johnson emphasized that Sterling was living in the “Stone Ages” and does not know he “can’t make those comments about African-Americans or Latinos” today. 

“He just can’t do it,” Johnson said. “He can’t buy his way out of this one. He has bought his way out of all the other situations. Can’t do it this time.”

Johnson’s advice to Sterling was to enjoy the fruits of his labor and “just go ahead and enjoy the rest of your life.”

“You can’t upset minorities today and expect to buy them off,” Johnson emphasized. 

Sterling had won an NAACP humanitarian award and was scheduled to receive a lifetime achievement award before it was rescinded in light of the controversy surrounding his racist remarks. The president of the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP resigned and the organization admitted that it was guilty of overlooking Sterling’s racism due to his significant donations and vowed to to make changes to how the organization gives out awards.